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How many times can the female uterus undergo abortion? Half as much as you want! I remember mother – Sohu accepts a 24 year old girl, because marriage infertility to hospital for medical examination, examination, I was surprised to find the girl, although very young, but also suffer from fungi and trichomonas vaginitis, cervicitis, and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Asked about her experience, the girls at that university through three times, the menstrual period sexual intercourse without contraception! Let me heartache not only is her body, she is more casual tone. Why doesn’t she love her so much?. Today, many women hold an open attitude to sex, for unplanned pregnancy does not care, that do not want children, easy abortion trouble, but do not know, for women, life accept abortion number can not be too much, medically, never more than three times. As we all know, is a remedy for contraception failure including abortion (commonly known as abortion and medical abortion). The stream of people operation, including the kind of negative pressure suction curettage and curettage. The so-called suction palace art, is to use the principle of suction, suction from the intrauterine pregnancy substance, called for negative pressure aspiration. Women undergoing abortion curettage should not exceed the time, if done more than three times, the probability of habitual abortion increased significantly, and the possibility of infertility should be several times higher than women did not accept this kind of surgery. Negative pressure suction uterine surgery for women’s injury is that this operation in the operation, it is likely due to excessive rotation of the straw, excessive frequency, negative pressure caused by the excessive damage to the uterus. Including the emergence of induced abortion syndrome, and cervical dilatation and excessive negative pressure. Especially in some irregular, some doctors do not have operation qualification, at the time of surgery, damage to the basal layer of the endometrium, cause female menstruation or amenorrhea. Curettage, is through mechanical or pharmacological methods for cervical soft, and then use the ovum forceps remove the fetus and placenta. There are a lot of complications after curettage, and the damage to the uterus is very large. Many hospitals now has been replaced by drug abortion or continuation of pregnancy to months after surgery to replace the second trimester abortion curettage. Therefore, forceps curettage, can only be done once, otherwise, a huge damage to the uterus. Compared with surgical abortion, drug abortion is less harmful to women, and the incidence of complications is low. However, compared with surgical abortion, medical abortion success rate is low, vaginal bleeding time is longer, and cannot be controlled with medication. If abortion is not complete, have surgery curettage, therefore, women do not have luck. Of course, the uterus can withstand many times abortion, depends on the specific circumstances of each person, one thing is for sure, abortion more complications and sequelae more, had repeated abortion women, miscarriage during normal childbirth, is 2.5 times of abortion women, premature birth rate is 5.44 times the stream of people. Every woman has only one uterus. It is the source of life! Just as the most popular small: Chinese.相关的主题文章:

Shanghai Free Trade Zone bonds to the inter-bank bonds and what are the differences candy candy

Shanghai Free Trade Zone bonds to the inter-bank bonds and what are the differences? In September 8th, the central government debt registration and settlement Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "debt of the board") in its official website officially released the "China (Shanghai) free trade test zone bond business guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "guidelines"). First Financial Daily reporters on the first time on the issue of free trade zone bond market guidelines and issues related to the issuance of the relevant person in charge of debt. The person in charge told reporters that the official launch of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone cross-border RMB bond business, for China’s opening up, promoting the process of internationalization of the RMB is of great significance. On the one hand, it helps to attract foreign investors, rich bonds and investment, expand cross-border use of RMB to support the construction of FTA; on the other hand, realize the unity of RMB bonds pricing and centralized registration, hosting, consolidate integration, improve the central managed centralized settlement system, providing solid support force and control force is the national finance. What are the arrangements for the next issue of the FTA bond, the person in charge told this reporter that the current local government, banks, trust companies and other institutions in the free trade area to issue bonds fully prepared. With the debt board guidelines issued, they will be issued in accordance with the requirements of the guidelines, including local government bonds, credit asset backed securities (ABS), green bonds, including multiple bonds, etc.. The particularity of the FTA bonds since the Shanghai free trade zone as the financial innovation and the opening of the "National Laboratory", the bond market opening has become the first traveler. The debt board provides bond issuance, registration and custody and settlement of financial infrastructure services for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, is a natural extension of the function, can build the inter-bank market and the benign interaction, the FTA market unified managed, with the domestic and international competitiveness of the bond market. Specifically, the FTA bond business and interbank bond market business compared with four characteristics. One is from the structure of investors, has set up the FTA split accounting unit and after approval of domestic institutions, has opened free trade account (FT account), domestic and foreign institutions have opened RMB bank settlement accounts of overseas institutions (NRA account) of the overseas institutions and other qualified foreign institutions eligible can apply in debt to open bond accounts and the opening of the FTA special combination, directly involved in the FTA bond business; foreign institutions can also be through a settlement agent or qualified foreign securities depository institutions to participate in the free trade zone bond business. Two, from the perspective of the issuer, the realization of financing diversification. Inside and outside the region, financial institutions or enterprises can through debt Gordon bond financing in the free trade zone, the debt Gordon cross-border bond issuance, registration, custody, clearing, settlement, interest payment, information disclosure, valuation and other integrated services in the free trade zone. Three, from the perspective of international financial market infrastructure interconnection, the debt has been established with the international securities depository institutions to establish institutional arrangements, in line with China’s bond market development and management requirements. On the basis of adhering to the principle of the direct account system in the inter-bank bond market, the international investment ginseng.相关的主题文章: