06Green meter charging stations listed mobile laptop across species charging|Green meter charging stations listed mobile laptop across species charging3

Green rice charging station mobile phone notebook "species" cross listed Tencent charge digital news (Zhou Shuo) September 20th, green rice science and technology series of new products, including a new three-phase socket with USB interface socket, intelligent socket, colorful USB cable, Type-C adapter and so on. Of course, I think the most interesting is a so-called inter species charging station. It uses a similar design concept of mobile power, to be able to charge mobile devices. But at the same time it can also provide a notebook commonly used charging interface, play fully meet the needs of the mainstream light charging. At the same time support QC2.0 fast charging technology, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the charge, saving user time. The appearance of the product with a clean and pure white appearance, both sides of the front and rear with gray as a color decoration. The product facade provides up to 5 USB on the back side of the charging interface, provides power interface for notebook and common camera adapter, can be said to have it in hand, users don’t have to worry about the lack of portable equipment life. Accessories also provides a common multi interface conversion cable, conversion head, to meet the user’s daily use is not a problem. In terms of security products provide overcurrent protection, over temperature protection, output overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, circuit protection of abnormal multiple protection, believe to be able to charge explosion in mobile phone and mobile phone accessories to today, this product can give users to ensure security in charge of. This product is currently on sale in the Jingdong, the sales price of 169 yuan, compared with the single mobile power, this product can provide a wide range of adaptation experience, can bring a very enjoyable experience. If the user is concerned about other products can also be purchased in the Jingdong green rice related products. Recommendation: attention Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, first-hand evaluation, video engage machine, fun to play live, as well as a variety of novelty play. IPhone 7 value is not worth buying? How to use a cell phone to shoot VR? Drones can cut fingers? Why do cats have to be poor? The answers are all here.

59A fire and the flames of burning meat into a tongue and taste the soul encounter, umu- and Sohu|A fire and the flames of burning meat into a tongue and taste the soul encounter, umu- and Sohu7

来一场火与肉的烈焰炙撞,舌与味的灵魂邂逅,umu-搜狐吃喝 銆?銆?褰撳叓鐐瑰鏀跺埌鏌愪綅缇庡コ鐨勪俊鎭幓umu瀹跺悆鐑よ倝鏃讹紝杩炰笉鍚冨瀹电殑鎴戞棭宸辨姏寮冮偅浠呭瓨鐨勭煖鎸佽揩涓嶅強寰呯殑鍑洪棬浜嗭紝umu杩欏鍏ㄥ彴宸炴渶楂樼·鏃ュ紡鐑よ倝锛屾垜宀傝兘涓轰簡娈嬪枠寤跺瓨鐨勪竴鐐瑰噺鑲ヤ俊蹇佃?岃杽鍑変簡瀹冧粖澶滅殑鎭╁疇锛岃繖涓鏅氬敮鏈夌埍涓庣編椋熶笉鍙緶璐燂紝come on baby锛屾潵鍚э紝涓?鍦虹伀涓庤倝鐨勭儓鐒扮倷鎾烇紝鑸屼笌鍛崇殑鐏甸瓊閭傞?呫?? strong> 銆?銆?鍐伴晣鐖嗗姏钑冭寗锛岀畝鍗曠殑鍓嶈彍 锛岀啛鎮夌殑閰哥敎鍛虫媺寮?浜嗕粖澶滃紑鍦猴紝姣棤鎯婅壋鐨勯叡绾㈣壊锛屽叆鍙e嵈鏄偅涔堢殑闅句互瑷?灏斤紝鍘熸潵涓昏绔熺劧鏄吙閱夊湪钑冭寗涓殑绾㈤厭锛屽ソ鍍忛偅鏃犲睉缁撴灉鍙ア姹傚悗鏋滅殑閰告订鍒濇亱銆? strong> 銆?銆?鏉ヨ嚜婢虫床鏋佷笂鍜岀墰瑗垮喎鐗涙帓锛岄鍊奸?煎嚭浜嗘皵鍦猴紝鍛抽亾閬撳嚭浜嗘儕鑹筹紝閭d簲浜旇偉鐦︾浉鍖?鐨勭綉鐘舵í闈紝鏉ヤ笉鍙婂皢鑸屽皷鐨勫ぇ鏄庤櫨鍝佸皾灏藉懗鏃讹紝閭g粏缁嗙殑闆姳宸插湪鐐夐棿铻嶅寲杩涗簡鑲夎倢锛岀垎鐫?涓扮泩鐨勮倝姹侊紝鏌斿寰楃珶濡傚悓濠村 効鐨勮倢鑲ゃ?傘?傘?? strong> 銆?銆?鍔涙帹涓绘墦鐨勫拰鐗涜煚榫欏嵎浠ラ?夊彇涓?鏁存潯鐨勭墰鑲嬫潯鑲夛紝鍦ㄧ倝鐏仛鐒︾殑鐑ょ綉涓婄灛闂撮棣欐墤榧伙紝璇疯寰楃墰锜犻緳鍗蜂竴瀹氶?熸垬閫熷喅锛屾墠鑳戒繚鐣欐渶浣冲彛鎰燂紝涓嶇劧楠ら檷鐨勬俯搴﹁櫧鐒惰繋鍚堜簡浣犺垖灏栫殑娓╅?傦紝浣嗗嵈澧炲姞鑲夌殑闊ф?э紝鍒浣犳嬁杩欐潵閿荤偧鍜倢锛岄闃查潰閮ㄧ毊鑲ょ殑鏉惧紱搴︺?? strong> 銆?銆?鐗涜垖锛岀洓琛屼簬鏃ユ湰鎴栨娲插浗瀹讹紝涓?鑸互鐩愮儰鎴栨槸绾㈤厭鐑ゅ埗锛岀洂钁辩墰鑸屽浜庢湁娲佺櫀鐨勫瀛愭潵璇村厜鎯 This pet Juan follow you no, always need key, atlas? Bang Bang’s Zi Johnson. You said that you didn fissiumfs Qi Pei 3 Qi Lei Tan Suo E and then out of her Hu Guyana. The special Xiong forging, with arrowheads to raise Bo don’t do Ai with Ju Shanghai’s stuffy Zhao Bo, Torreya Xun Lan Wen fear you have to chop the toilet. Ren. Xi Jiao [scene, to mediated organ. But e Kan, Ya. Lei nouelia would chop Shi in them, don’t that Bian Cang Jiaohuan drilling season Juan Rao ° C?? strong>? Bo Bo;??, Su Xia Ya Gan you drop your dark Yun each other all right. If you Wei with Xiong GUI Po Han Rui, 6

02The new Opel British speed sub forecast map released or for Regal prototype car Sohu|The new Opel British speed sub forecast map released or for Regal prototype car Sohu6

The new Opel British speed sub forecast map released or for Regal prototype – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] before Opel officially released a new British speed sub forecast map, the new car will be opened on March 2017 at the Geneva auto show officially released at the same time, this model in the future Sino US market will become a new generation of labeling Buick Regal, in the Australian market will also label Horton, in the UK label Waxman hall. Through the forecast map we can see that the new British Suya the matrix of new LED headlight group design, the official said this is the second generation of matrix type LED lighting system Opel development, consisting of 32 LED light irradiation distance will reach 400 meters. In addition a new grille design is also suspected of flying wing chrome trim, front bumper on both sides is also very movement modeling. According to previous exposure of the spy photos, the new British speed sub will provide at least three different body types, including three car Version (Sedan), hatchback (Grand Sport) and Travel Edition (Tourer), the travel version of the trunk space will reach 540L, the rear seats recline space can reach 1530L. As a new British speed sub sister car, the new Buick Regal is also expected to launch the three car version and a version of the two body type. Power, expected the new English version will be launched with the travel speed of four cylinder gasoline or diesel engine version in Europe, at the same time as the performance of English version, speed sub OPC is expected to be equipped with a new six cylinder engine.

78In IOS 10, apple allows you to decide which of the 23 primary application of fate|In IOS 10, apple allows you to decide which of the 23 primary application of fate0

In iOS 10, apple allows you to decide which of the 23 primary application of TNW Chinese fate station in September 14th reported that Apple has officially opened the day before the iOS 10 global push users work, meet the conditions of the iOS equipment can be upgraded by way of OTA. For the generation of the new operating system, we have identified a number of users must install iOS 10 reasons, such as with a new design of the user interface, through the iMessage application, greatly improve the image application by adding a large number of intelligent elements, further integration of Siri and the introduction of more advanced security mechanism. However, many people do not notice is that Apple has finally allowed the user to remove some of the apple native applications in this generation system. In fact, many Apple users have been complaining for years that apple can not delete the problem of native applications. For example, if I didn’t buy an apple watch at all, it would have no meaning for me. However, in iOS 10 users can already by pressing the application icon, and then click on the upper left corner of the way to remove it. The following is a list of removable applications that TNW has compiled for us, but these core features, including phone calls and messages, are not removable. Can remove the application list: FacetimeFind My FriendsHomeiBooksiCloud calculator calendar compass contacts DriveiTunes Store mail map Music News blog Notepad remind stock tips video voice memo watch the weather but even remove all of these applications will not bring much of the storage space, because the total size of only 150MB 23 apps. If the user wants to restore these applications later, the user can also be downloaded in the app store, install the way to restore. At the same time, Apple also provides users with some reminders: 1 if the user removes the address book application, but all the contact information will remain in the mobile phone application. 2 if the removal of the FaceTime application, but the user in the address book and mobile applications can still dial and receive FaceTime calls. 3 if you remove iBooks, maps, music, or podcasts, the user is unable to continue using these features in CarPlay. 4 if the user removes the watch application can not be paired with the Apple Watch, and the system will require the user to remove the application of the Apple Watch when the binding operation. It is necessary to point out that Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering Craig (Craig Federigh) for West Delhi earlier in the interview when he said that the new system does support the user to delete the original application, but it is deleted, but not removed. Federici stressed that the original application code is embedded in the depth of the iOS system, the user delete operation does not remove the code, so when the system upgrade these applications will have a function to update, only there is no direct software.

80Central bank two quarter mobile payment business grew significantly –it– people|Central bank two quarter mobile payment business grew significantly –it– people2

Central bank: the two quarter mobile payment business growth significantly –IT– people.com.cn original title: Central Bank: the two quarter mobile payment business growth significantly China people’s Bank today released the second quarter of the overall operation of the payment system. The two quarter, the continued expansion of the scale of social capital transactions, the smooth operation of the national payment system, the steady growth in the amount of payment services. Data show that the mobile payment business grew significantly, the banking financial institutions to deal with electronic payment business 32 billion 322 million pen, the amount of 570 trillion and 950 billion yuan. Among them, the mobile payment business 6 billion 137 million pen, the amount of $29 trillion and 320 billion, an increase of 168.46% and 10.20%, respectively, online payment business of the pen, the amount of $474 trillion and 40 billion, an increase of 6.05% and 2.11%, respectively. Two quarter, the country handled a total of non cash payment business of 27 billion 889 million pen, the amount of $940 trillion and 260 billion, an increase of 21.23% and 10.26%, respectively. Bill, the electronic commercial bill system discount, rediscount business grew rapidly, the electronic commercial bill of exchange system 492 thousand and 600 tickets, the amount of $1 trillion and 946 billion 926 million, an increase of 61.12% and respectively, an increase of 33.72%. (reporter Wang Guan Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Bi Lei)