25 18+6 Shenzhen 5 Li Muhao Pargo scored in double win over Guangzhou-boee

25 18+6 Shenzhen 5 Li Muhao Pargo scored in double win Guangzhou Beijing time on October 30th, 2016-2017 CBA will be the first season of all-out war, the Shenzhen men’s basketball team home court against Guangzhou securities (Foshan) men’s basketball team. After the four quarter final contest, Shenzhen men’s basketball team to a 110-106 victory over the Guangzhou team, made a good start. The score of the four quarter is: 24-22, 32-21, 20-23, 34-40 (Shenzhen men’s basketball team before). The Shenzhen team, the Shenzhen team scored in double figures 5, he had a team high 25 points and 9 rebounds, 20 points and 16 rebounds Lampe, share 20 points, Li Muhao 18 points and 6 rebounds, Zhao Jie 11 points; the Guangzhou team also scored in double figures 5, Zheng 6 quasi 13 rebounds and 1 blocks, Ju Minchin 15 points and 7 rebounds and 2 assists, Bahrami 21 points and 6 rebounds and 2 assists, 39 Lane 5 rebounds and 3 assists, Cook 10 points and 9 rebounds. Although the two sides with the Guangdong team, but the two sides did not love at all, although Foshan last season season bottom, and Shenzhen beat, but the two are playing very close, only lost 13 points, both the strength of neck and neck. The first section has just started, Zhang Kai dunk scored first, followed by Guangzhou with three points for the Lakers, Li Muhao inside the ball dunk, then Li Muhao is one of two free throws with three points, Zheng, Bahrami scored a series of quasi 7 level, the two sides fight. Then the Shenzhen team scored 4 points, Meng duo break layup, had hit a layup, then had also hit three points, Shenzhen 17-10 lead. Then the team played a small climax of the 10-3, the two sides came to the 20 Guangzhou. Lampe hook shot, Ju Minchin behind layup, the first game of the Shenzhen team 24-22 Guangzhou team leading. The festival began, Zhao Jie outside shot hit three points, Bahrami hit a jumper, then lanpei outside shot hit three points, Zhao Jie hit a layup, the Guangzhou team after a pause, Zhao Jie outside shot hit three points, Shenzhen team leading 35-28 Guangzhou. Then lanpei two free throws in a corner, saving shots hit three points, Ryan pulled three hits, Bahrami the basket score, pagoclone arc shots hit three points, the score rises alternately, break Pargo Ross score, Guangzhou suspended again. Zhu Xuhang then pull up jumper, pagoclone backhand layup, Ryan outside shot hit a three, Ryan storm layup, also caused a foul, penalty is not. At the end of the first half, Shenzhen 56-43 ahead of Guangzhou. After the start of the third quarter, Zhu Xuhang received bahra m assists layup, Cook buckle up the score, Li Muhao hook shot, Shenzhen team played a small climax, blue jumper Peizhong distance, Shenzhen 72-57 lead. Ryan then assists Cook dunk layup, generation of hope, both sides turn up the score, the third section of the end of the game, Shenzhen team 76-66 Guangzhou team leader! Distal start, Bahrami, Meng duo layup, two free throws, Meng duo layup, Lampe Bulan score, Bahrami storm score, Guangzhou team will narrow the difference to 75-82. Yu Dehao two penalty free throws, Meng Duopao)相关的主题文章: