3 year old look at the age of 7 to see the old, do not think that family education too early! Sohu –cashmere mafia

3 year old look at the age of 7 to see the old, do not think that family education too early! The Sohu is considered the talkative child maternal infant, adult skill, strong communication ability and strong adaptability; young children, adults showed more optimistic, fluent speech; juvenile is considered impulsive children, adults tend to speak loudly, interest etc.. Dear mom and Dad, don’t think it’s too early for 3! Pay attention to personality education, establish a sound personality maybe a lot of parents will find all sorts of excuses, send their children to early education classes, preschool classes. Just like I was pregnant, keen to preschool education, the "child prodigy" develop a mind. Imagine a baby at the age of three or four, will be able to read back one hundred Tang poems, loudly can count from 1 to 1000, the heart will be flattered. But after the birth of the child, watching him grow up step by step, it is impossible to know the child is a genius for life, we are the vast majority of ordinary people in the world. In the society of various high IQ, EQ is low, also in the "straight" as we sounded an alarm: the real development, not the inculcation of knowledge, but to cultivate a sound personality of children. When we teach our children to do the right things, we know how hard it was to be raised. Maybe you say "don’t cry" to the children over and over again". But the baby is crying, annoying headache. The passions is God given human normal emotional catharsis, child heart cry is the release of negative emotions, is not a bad thing. As a mother, give the child a hug and tell him, "don’t be afraid, your mother will understand you.". Let the children calm down, and then ask him why the uncomfortable. Get a hug and comfort the child, will have the ability of empathy with others, to understand others, more good. And by crying to release unhappy children, the heart will be more healthy, can understand the release of sadness, more willing to express love. Cultivate children good habits and moral parents pick up the kids go home, just walk away when the parents. As long as he had a good meal, watch tv. This not only alienated the parent-child relationship, it is difficult to cultivate children’s good behavior. After dinner chat with him, let him talk about the life of kindergarten, and his analysis of what things do right, what things should not do. Even bedtime story, you can sum up the story with the child to reflect the good behavior, good character. The child is like a blank sheet of paper, the world is too complicated, and parents to tell him what can stay in the heart, and what needs to be abandoned. After the performance of the error, reflecting the cognitive ability of each child in early childhood, will repeat some similar mistakes. Such as lying, swearing, etc.. Children at this stage, obviously there is no clear right and wrong, do not know the parents angry to his face, will only increase the child’s negative emotions. After the child mistakes, parents should be more timely guidance, patience and cultivate children’s awareness and ability to distinguish. Good character cultivation, since childhood!相关的主题文章: