T-junction car and the driver of the car collided with the bus zone killed 2828创业网

T-junction car and the driver of the car collided with the bus development zone has been completely knocked killed in car body shape. The text newspaper reporter Zhao Zhuotu reporter Zhang Yu high Washington a T-junction just Road Development Zone in the dual port D, a jump out of the car is the main road bus flying car was severely damaged." Yesterday, Mr. Lee to call the hotline. The place is located in the Liaohe Road and port double D double D port five street intersection, which is a t-junction. The reporter saw yesterday arrived, a silver Lexus sedan parked sideways in the middle of the road, the left half of the body was flat, a man lying on the side of the car has been killed, the foot wear shoes should be a woman. Liu and Lee passing here are told reporters about the incident process, especially the recording of Lee’s just recorded the moment of the incident. Yesterday about 11:50, the recorder appears near the intersection, a blue bus from the right over Mr. Lee’s car arrived at the T-junction, a silver car from double D port into five street intersection, seems to want to turn left, the bus will not brake the car zhuangfei. The bus stopped several tens of meters to stop. According to the reporter observed, the section of the incident for the rapid road to Golden Pebble Beach, T-junction without lights. Later, the police rushed to the scene investigation, as of press time reporter, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: