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Taiwan star was a number of female sexual control has hurt friends Qin Wei Sina debt Dutch act entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan actor Qin Wei in June this year by the stylist shore small exposure sexual assault, two months and later to jump out of a total of more than 10 women claiming to be "one of the victims," 4 days to rape, attempted rape and other crimes be Sue Qin, and specifically for a sentence of 49 years in total; but Hama Oho then exposed material, he and childhood friend owe underworld debt, so the other families, finally died in the mainland Dutch act, hope the police can find out the truth. Hama Oho heard Qin Wei was asked 49 years after the explosion burst, bluntly, retribution came!" The 4 day she again in the face book revealed Qin Wei revealed past scandal, so the event a big brother, Qin Weilian learned that his childhood playmates and underworld owe tens of millions of debt, fled to the mainland after many years because not to see his wife, could not withstand the pressure of anger and suicide, and Qin Wei also worked briefly, people lose a lawsuit. Continuously since the end of the Qin Wei bad behavior, Hama Oho said, in addition to hope that the prosecutor’s sexual assault case, can also be together with the matter of finding the truth to the innocent victims, and she learned that Qin Wei was sentenced after the news, a cry in his arms, "can not be finally suppressed her alone to be brave, can when a girl began to learn." (commissioning editor: Shimlay)相关的主题文章: