But also what a girlfriend ah! Girlfriend VR demo picture exposure 下北glory days

But also what a girlfriend ah! "Girlfriend" VR demo picture exposure animation Tencent some time ago have been concerned about using a VR technology to bring you a girlfriend game – "VR". This shocked a lot of people at that time, so many old drivers feel they can not find a girlfriend. Recently, there have been Japanese users shared their demo pictures, it caused a lot of attention. From these pictures can be seen, the heroine of the game belongs to the different types of people can observe from different angles. As a result, onlookers fat times became the inevitable choice of gentlemen players. It is understood that some people have even found that can make clothes version, but too shy, mother nature penguins cannot place here. At the same time, it was also shared in the game, what is the state of their own in the end. So, we see these gentlemen to put all kinds of strange shapes, looks extremely wretched. Perhaps only in this way, can we see those special angles? There are already a lot of people said: "no, I have to buy the official version of the official version!" "How much is the VR device now? A month’s salary is enough?" "Oh, have such experience, but also what a girlfriend?" So are you interested in anime fans? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: