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Personal credit report in different loan small doubt identity fraud – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Xuzhou on September 24th news (Jiangsu station reporter Ding Jun) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the personal credit records, you know how much? Recently, Mr Li Xuzhou to find a new job, the entry before the company asked him to submit a personal credit report, but when Mr. Lee got his personal credit report from the people’s Bank, suddenly dumbfounded, because in his name, there are individual consumer loans a bank of Harbin issued, although some people amortization, but almost all are overdue, and he was unaware of this. In Mr. Lee’s personal credit report, the reporter saw, in February 2016, the Bank of Harbin Branch issued 5000 yuan long personal consumer loans, after which the repayment period of the past, there are four times overdue repayment. Lee complained, I have a very big impact, after the loan to buy a house, buy a car, then, like I can not credit this credit report." Mr. Li said, their identity information is fraudulent loans and overdue repayment, the key issue is that he actually had no knowledge. So, in the end who is using Lee’s identity information for credit? If this has an adverse impact on his credit, and whether it can be amended? Lee called the Bank of Harbin customer service phone, customer service staff said it was investigating, the results come out, they will be the first time to contact mr.. If someone assumed his identity information to apply for loans, will give him a statement. However, if you want to modify the personal credit report, which requires consultation with the people’s Bank of China or the police. The people’s Bank of Xuzhou Central Branch of Chinese credit department staff told reporters that the personal credit report is called "economic card", it records the credit transaction history information between the customer and the bank, as long as the customer in the bank for a credit card, loan, loan guarantee business for his people, the information will be submitted through the data, enter the personal credit system, so as to form the customer’s credit report, "we (Chinese) people’s Bank of China is to build a system of risk prevention, all commercial banks scattered information together, you don’t tube to which bank loans, banks can see your credit situation happened elsewhere before." The credit department staff said that the survey results of Mr. Lee can wait for the Bank of Harbin, if not satisfied with this or doubt, can be resolved by the people’s Bank of Chinese process objection, "if it is fraudulent, the bank should be deleted. Our people’s Bank is, if the loan is the fraudulent use of words, you should not put in your name, your credit report should not show this loan." So how important is the personal credit report to us? How much do people know about this? "I’m not sure about that." The first time I heard." "Heard, checked, then apply (credit card) when you want to report personal credit." During the interview, many people have said that I do not know what personal credit report, even if I did not know the inquiry, unless it is handled by the bank.相关的主题文章: