Henan Fangcheng County 40 year old police ordered the driver to get off the van was killed in the ne mine_清翼

Henan Fangcheng County 40 year old police ordered the driver to get off the van was killed – Beijing mouth squeeze reporter Guo Qizhao correspondent Zuo Wenfeng according to the people’s police for the people, but when suddenly outrageous episode, police situation risk up. High risk, not only because the police often encounter criminals, but also tired of work. Limited police, unlimited work pressure. Whether big or small are the police detective, busy work, pressure, even rely on smoke refreshing. Smoking, drinking, staying up late will bring great harm to health. Nanyang News newspaper Wang Baoshan, Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police, September 4th morning, was crazy back in the truck extrusion duty positions. "I’m not going home for dinner these days." An ordinary discourse, Wang Baoshan has become the last sentence left to his wife. Family, relatives and friends, colleagues are not acceptable, a life in this freeze in the 40 year old. September 4th 4 when the score of 110, the command center received a report from the police to reflect the masses, the north of the bridge in the north of the seven Lane blockage serious. Wang Baoshan and 3 colleagues immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the instructions, the police carried a record of the law enforcement recorder recorded under the sacrifice of the process of Wang Baoshan’s. The video shows the day at 4:13, traffic on a road trucks to divert the car, sitting in the copilot position on a shirtless tattooed man to get off, refusing to obey the command. Subsequently, Wang Baoshan opened the cab, ordered the driver to get off. After the driver of the car, the first car back, then turn to the pursuit of the steering force forward. Standing in front of the car, although Wang Baoshan has to escape, but was squeezed to the front of the car’s right rear wheel, fell on the spot. Time will be fixed in September 4th at 4:23 in the morning 50 seconds. Into the police for 19 years, Wang Baoshan investigated and dealt with all kinds of traffic violations from the more than 40 thousand, was named as the year of the advanced individuals, by the superior sector awards. In the ordinary stick, Wang Baoshan maintained the work of zero fault, zero discipline, zero error record. In July 2014, Yang Ji Xiang occurred accident cases, the families of the corpses in the section of highway toll, in order to ensure the smooth road traffic police, special police brigade organization to the scene to dispose of the event. At the scene, Wang Baoshan and other police repeatedly persuasion, emotional family members, constantly pushing Wang Baoshan. But he still stick in the front, to appease the families of emotions, the ultimate success of removal of the containment field. Wang Baoshan’s uniform buttons pulled out several arms, black and blue. Colleagues have joked with him: "an ordinary police, why so hard?" He always said that a police on behalf of the whole image of the public security, can not be a bit sloppy!相关的主题文章: