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The smooth progress of the construction of Pakistan Economic Corridor ("The Belt and Road" early harvest?) – International – Pakistan Economic Corridor north from Kashi south to Pakistan Chinese, Gwadar Port, 3000 kilometers north-south. The snow came towards the ocean, Pakistan Economic Corridor in stagecoach, laying out a magnificent grand common development. Figure twenty Bureau of China Railway Group, the construction of the Karachi to Lahore highway third section (Abdul Hakim to Lahore) project in the construction of subgrade compaction work. China Railway twenty Bureau for map open bar "The Belt and Road" the implementation of the construction of more than three years, and "China Belt and Road Initiative along the country has made significant achievements in the early aspects of infrastructure construction, production cooperation, not only for the benefit of Chinese people, more for the benefit of the people of all countries along. As of now, there are already more than and 100 countries and international organizations in which Chinese with more than and 30 countries along signed to build a "The Belt and Road" cooperation agreement, to carry out international production cooperation with more than and 20 countries, financial cooperation in Asia investment banking, silk road fund represented deeply, a number of influential symbol projects gradually fall. "The Belt and Road" building from scratch, from point to surface, the progress and the results exceeded expectations. The newspaper from today launched the "The Belt and Road? Early harvest" column, multi angle display "The Belt and Road" construction of tangible results. Pakistan Karachi to Lahore Highway No. third (Abdul Hakim to Lahore) project officially started construction for more than six months, the Chinese railway construction’s twenty Bureau of China Railway Group (referred to as the twenty Bureau of China Railway Construction), construction progress smoothly, and has completed the stage plan. Karachi to Lahore highway 1152 km south of Pakistan, the largest port city of Karachi, north to the second largest city of Lahore, which will become an important component of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, will also be Chinese and Central Asian countries to Karachi and Gwadar highway. Nearly 50 high temperature summer operations, to build a green Unicom model consortium in December 2015, twenty Bureau of China Railway Construction Enterprises in Pakistan and Karachi bid to Lahore highway third section project. The total length of about 230 km of the line, the construction period of 30 months, the total contract amount of about RMB 9 billion 376 million yuan, will be built for a two-way two-way lane, design speed of 120 km highway. In January 29th this year, deputy general manager of China Railway Group twenty and the project director Li Lingxuan in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad and Palestinian National Highway Bureau President Talal formally signed a project contract. February 19th, the Palestinian National Highway Administration issued orders to start construction of the project marks. Deputy general manager of China Railway twenty Bureau and a consortium of Pakistan police Hilhan brothers Aziz? Cheema said in an interview with this reporter, Karachi to Lahore expressway is of vital significance for Pakistan, after the completion of the northern region of Banan will be connected to the "lifeline", to promote the long-term development of the construction of Pakistan Economic Corridor and Pakistan Economic society. Since the construction of the project, it has created a large number of job opportunities for the local people相关的主题文章: