Sichuan, a college student was invited to work in Hubei after the shutdown lost contact cad2012序列号和密钥

Sichuan is a college classmate invited to work in Hubei after the shutdown – lost to Beijing in September 11th, a school has more than a week, the 19 year old Sichuan University of Science and Engineering School of mechanical engineering student Roy has not returned. July 14th, he was invited to work in high school students to work in Hubei, after the phone off, lost contact. Currently, due to worry about Roy trap MLM organization or personal safety, etc., Roy’s father, who has arrived in Hubei, Xianning, looking for, they hope that the police can register on the. Migrant students opening in July 8th this year for money after the holidays, School of mechanical engineering Sichuan University of Science and Engineering student Roy returned to the home, to the senior high school classmate Yu Jie’s invitation, a restaurant he was ready to go to Hubei city in Xianning province to work. After persuading and preventing fruitless, his mother bought him a train ticket from Chengdu to Xianning. After arriving in Xianning, Roy reported peace to his family and said everything was fine. A few days later, Liu Yongzhong received a phone call from his son, the phone, Roy said he was sick, need money, to turn two thousand yuan in the past. Feel the same Liu Yongzhong asked his son why the phone off and other issues, but Roy did not answer, and the phone off the machine. Liu Yongzhong and his wife in the household chores, farming, thought his son will be back when the school. August 28th, Liu Yongzhong once again received a phone call from Roy, in addition to money, other questions do not answer, did not get the money, and then the phone off the machine of the Roy. After school, Liu Yongzhong and others still can not contact Roy, and Roy to the students borrowed money, the total amount of two thousand yuan, Liu Yongzhong and others felt that Roy must have been cheated out of MLM organizations. The police sent a letter to ask the Hubei police to find Roy and his high school classmate Yu Jie not in contact, Roy will reflect this situation to the police and Roy school. The County Public Security Bureau police station and wo in September 8th also issued a letter of investigation, said Roy on July 13, 2016 in Sichuan, Chengdu with his mother Li Lanying to meet the requirements of the Xianning municipal work in Hubei Province, the destination in July 14, 2016 from Chengdu to Hubei Xianning train arrived after the lost contact, has not returned. After investigation, the person is currently in Hubei, Xianning, but the specific address is unknown, please help find the local public security organs. That school of mechanical engineering Sichuan University of Science and Engineering offered in September 7th, Roy of the Academy of mechanical design manufacturing and automation professional 2015 level students to Hubei in July after Xianning has yet to report to college, many can not contact. September 11th afternoon, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter, according to Roy and his family to provide more than of the phone to call the past and found that the phone has been shut down two people. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Li Qing相关的主题文章: