California voters passed the nation’s most stringent gun management proposal 若槻ゆうか

California voters passed the nation’s most stringent management proposal bullet original title: California voters passed a new agency, the nation’s most rigorous management proposal in the San Francisco bullets on 8 November, (reporter Liu Dan) California is the place where the implementation of the most stringent management of firearms and ammunition. 8, California voters passed proposition 63, further expansion of the bullet management legal content. The main promoters and supporters of proposition 63 for Democratic vice governor Gavin ·, Democratic Senator Fan Shidan Newsom; etc.. Newsom stressed that this proposal aims to reduce gun violence through more stringent Ammunition Management law. The main contents include the proposal, California residents to buy ammunition through the background investigation and judicial department authorized, a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, most sales required by ammunition license sales agencies and submitted to the Ministry of justice, lost or stolen firearms ammunition must be reported to the Ministry of justice, bans have been confirmed to have stolen guns are guns, gun laws to promote the implementation of the new procedures, asked the Justice Department to join the FBI’s instant criminal background investigation system etc.. California’s current law banning the purchase of more than 10 bullet clips, but high-capacity magazines allow gun owners have reservations. Proposition 63 requires the master to the gun clip, otherwise will be charged with a misdemeanor. Statistics show that 63 proposal supporters raised $about 5260000 propaganda, opponents spent $871 thousand against. 63 supporters of the report shows that the United States every day, more than and 300 people were shot. Between 2004 and 10, more than 1 million Americans were killed or seriously injured by firearms. The 63 proposal was opposed by law enforcement agencies and civil rights groups on the grounds that the proposal did not stop or prevent terrorist activities in any form. At the same time, the implementation of this proposal will bring tens of millions of dollars in California, the high cost. California voters also approved the same day the legalization of marijuana and other proposals, adults over the age of 21 can legally use marijuana. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: