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Wanda tourism once again teamed up with the way tourism   "one hundred thousand Master evergloss" start – Travel Channel people.com.cn Beijing on 31 August, the day before, Wanda tourism together again with the way tourism, held in autumn 2016 "one hundred thousand Master evergloss" large-scale ceremony in Beijing, this is the second year of Wanda tourism started "million people tour the U.S. after the event once again focus on outbound hot destination market. To start the ceremony, Wanda tourism combined with the way tourism jointly released during the month of September 2016 -12 is expected to transport tourists to the Japanese market of more than 150 thousand people, it was also released the same period of the upcoming holiday in eleven "Kyushu thousands of scenic experience tour planning and Wanda tourism events brand" Yu hui". Wanda cultural tourism holding group vice president and President Zhang Chunyuan, with the way tourism CEO Wu Zhixiang, the Japanese Embassy Economic Counselor Gotou Akifumi, Japan’s National Tourism Bureau Beijing office chief representative Hattori Maki, and Japan’s Kyushu tourism promotion agencies, Saga County, Nagasaki County Tourism union representatives attended the event and delivered a speech. In 2015, more than 5 million Chinese tourists to travel to Japan, the first half of 2016 to travel to Japan, Chinese tourists have more than 3 million people, China has become Japan’s largest source country. Wanda tourism sustained attention outbound hot destination market, through large-scale activities continue to expand and destination resources cooperation, the introduction of both high quality and unique "Wanda manufacturing" quality tourism products. This once again to travel the same way, play in their respective product planning, sourcing, sales channels and other advantages, to promote the "one hundred thousand Master evergloss" theme activities, combing and enhance Japan’s tourism product system, the plan in the autumn and winter of this year to supply Japan more than 150 thousand visitors. In the number of tourists to Japan continued to grow at the same time, Chinese tourists travel demand more rich, more and more segments, Chinese tourists, delicacy, high quality recreation and culture tourism in Japan featured content. Wanda tourism and travel industry and actively carry out cooperation with Japan, and actively promote the resource promotion and product development of the emerging tourism destinations, resources through quality control of a large number of tourist destinations, to provide high-quality products for tourists travel characteristics. In eleven during the upcoming holiday this year, "Kyushu thousands of scenic experience tour, Wanda tourism will work together with the way tourism organized thousands of tourists gathered in Xiongben China, Kyushu, enjoy the carnival night, to fully experience the unique tourism culture in the Kyushu region of japan. Will launch the "fun Kyushu free" and "classic Kyushu four tour", "Kyushu spa delicacy Tour" and many other quality tourism products and explosive products. The event also received strong support from the Japan National Tourism Bureau, tourism agencies and counties to promote Kyushu Kyushu sightseeing alliance. It is worth mentioning that, Wanda tourism also released the same period overseas tourism events brand "tour ONE CLUB Hui", aims to further focus on overseas destinations, mining and integration of resources, to introduce more theme tourism activities and the quality of tourism products. (even pure, commissioning editor Xu Donger)相关的主题文章: