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Want your baby to grow fast? Be sure to seize these "fierce long"! – mothers and daughters of the Sohu may be able to find that the baby in the first year after birth will be particularly fast. But you may not know, in this year, the baby’s growth is not uniform, he will go through several fierce long. When your baby appetite appetite, irritability, sleep is not good, the baby may be experiencing his fierce long-term. And after each fierce long, you will even find the baby’s clothes in a small overnight. Today, the kangaroo mom take you to see the baby: "Meng long". What is the baby "fierce long"? Also known as the rapid growth of a long period of time, each baby is going to experience, it is a very important part of the baby’s growth and development process. At this stage, the baby’s body in some way grows quickly, you will observe the baby’s height, weight, head circumference and other physiological indicators have rapid growth. In addition, the baby will gradually master new skills, such as sitting, crawling, walking, etc.. Long term usually occurs after the baby is born on the first 7~10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months. After the age of 1, it will appear every few months, the last time we know the puberty. A baby into the long-term performance of 1, appetite for a long time will suddenly fierce in the baby to eat more, eat frequently, eat once every 3~4 hours before meals, time is not long, but then often every hour or even tens of minutes to eat, and eat every time for a long time. This will make breastfeeding a lot of pressure, always feel that their milk was not enough. Methods: 1 nursing breastfeeding on demand) breastfeeding baby frequent eating is not to say that mother’s milk is not enough, then you only need to meet the baby, without any intervention, the body will be adjusted within 24~48 hours, the amount of milk will increase to a baby needs level. Don’t be impatient. If the baby eat quickly to the children with milk or add a food supplement, to satisfy his appetite, which leads to the mother’s milk secretion, more can not meet the needs of the baby. Note that, at this stage, the mother could be prone to hunger and thirst, therefore, in peacetime to ensure the normal diet and adequate intake of water, whether it is milk, juice or water, soup. 2 artificial feeding of the baby for the artificial feeding of the baby, he is likely to eat the usual amount of performance after the show did not eat, then you can give him a little more appropriate amount of milk. If mom wants to know if a baby has enough to eat, it can be judged by the amount of urine and weight gain. For example, the baby every day can wet 5-6 diapers, and weight gain, it means that the baby enough to eat. 2, sleep well before entering the rapid growth period of 1~2 days, the baby becomes sleepy, not a nap is a single sleep time is too long, even more than the usual two times. Wait until the fast growth period, the baby sleep will become less secure, the number will increase at midnight wakes.相关的主题文章: