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Care about the market change? You have already lost at the starting line of the stock market in the long period of time is always up, as long as the valuation is not too expensive, buy and hold is often more favorable than frequent trading options. Chen Jiahe many investors are most concerned about the problem is that the ups and downs of the market. Recently, how do you see the market? Does the stock market have a big chance? Devaluation of A shares can not buy it? I worked for many years, this problem can be heard almost every few days. As everyone knows, if an investor is concerned about the market ups and downs, then he has lost in the starting line. In history, we have seen the most good stock investment, such as the United States, Peter Lynch, Warren · · Buffett, Yoshikawa Yihide of Japan, Germany’s Andre · Andre Kostolany and so on, are very good at picking good business and stock, rather than the market change point. These investors picking style is different, Peter · Lynch nicknamed "stock amorous", good at choose a variety of investment opportunities, Warren · Buffett is good at long held as excellent the few companies to his turtle three principles of silver possession is famous, Andre · Andre Kostolany often promote their good speculation". However, we observe carefully, we will find that these great stock investors do not rely on the market to change their own business. They are constantly looking for good investment opportunities, there is some value, see revaluation value, the value of some event driven opportunities, but they ignored the market ups and downs, finally gained far more than the market average investment performance. For example, the long-term growth of good stocks is much higher than the average stock (such as the market index). By choosing companies with better industry fundamentals, lower valuations, and higher dividend yields, investors are often able to get higher than the market’s long-term rate of return. If the stock market long-term return rate is 12% (on the A shares in emerging markets like is a digital, so more pertinent) suppose an investor can each year than the good performance of the market by 8 percentage points, to 20%, then 20 years later, he will get a return of 37.3 times, 8.6 times more than the stock market for more than 28.7 times. But if we look at the 40 years (this is the general people from work to retirement age), 20% compound growth can make the overall rate of return reached 1468 times, and 12% growth rate of return of stock index is only 92 times, 1376 times the difference between the two. This is the difference between the 8% gap. Now, we really need to ask whether the market is up or down? Take a step back and say that even a good investor (or, more appropriately, a speculator) is concerned only with the direction of the price (such as George ·, Soros), and he should not be concerned only with the direction of the market. How many stocks are there in a stock market? How many trading opportunities are there every day? A’s share price fell, is not the market reaction? Company B valuation is low, but the company is not lower C? Company D doubled, is not cast;相关的主题文章: