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Hu Guoping: artificial intelligence boom, how to achieve product landing? Sohu, science and Technology Industrial Revolution to liberate human beings from physical labor, information technology all over the world are closely linked, and artificial intelligence is to liberate human beings from the heavy mental work. Artificial intelligence may be the last revolution that needs to be overcome by human intelligence. In November 13th, the number of · by B12, sponsored by the view; Tu son Pei Zhi Liang Bin, channel, accelerator, Zhejiang network, Tencent tronovo fund jointly hosted the second session of the interconnection of all things "entrepreneurial innovation conference next tide: big data and intelligent era" held in Hangzhou. As a heavyweight guests, Dean Hu Guoping iFLYTEK Research Institute analyzed three behind the wave of artificial intelligence, and shared iFLYTEK 17 years experiences in intelligent voice and artificial intelligence. The following content according to Hu Guoping live speech finishing, there are cuts: 60 years, artificial intelligence has experienced the three wave, or that the three fall three. We are currently experiencing a third wave of artificial intelligence. There may be some twists and turns, but the pursuit of artificial intelligence will continue to move forward. Most people including iFLYTEK that we are experiencing the third wave, has been in the eve of true artificial intelligence outbreak, artificial intelligence technology will be applied to various industries. This time artificial intelligence really fire up, the machine to capture the last problem chess chess, speech recognition has reached 97% recognition rate, face recognition has more than the human eye can reach the level of. There is a clear sign of the rise of artificial intelligence: governments, giants, entrepreneurs and capital are pouring in. Including the United States, China, artificial intelligence is defined as national strategy. Google, Facebook, apple, Baidu and iFLYTEK have entered the forefront of artificial intelligence. Especially since 2016, Ali, HUAWEI, Tencent, music, Lenovo, millet has announced to enter the field of artificial intelligence. At present the international scope of artificial intelligence is still the main confrontation between China and the United States to fight, this is mainly because of the artificial intelligence technology relies on big data, mobile Internet, cloud computing, and the vast majority of user groups. In this regard, China and the United States is the leader. The artificial intelligence technology behind the real reasons for the fire, I put them down to three points: the first is the depth of learning; the second is the big data; the third is cloud computing. The first is deep learning, or the depth of the neural network was born. The deep learning method proposed in 2006 has made a historic breakthrough. Its basic principle is also relatively simple, is to enter the relevant data, through the network to produce the final output. If the output and the answer to the original label is not the same, it can be through a BP error feedback algorithm to revise the parameters related to the network, so that the final stage of the whole training, prediction and modeling of its highest accuracy. Method is actually very simple.相关的主题文章: