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Vice governor of the central bank to acts of unfair competition of financial institutions to clean up clean up the internet acts of unfair competition, regulate the development of Internet banking to maintain financial market stability Pan Gongsheng central special rectification work field look far ahead from a high plane, the Internet finance to promote the safe and orderly Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of Internet banking and risk prevention work, the central economic work conference clearly required to carry out the Internet in the financial sector special rectification, regulate the development of Internet banking. This year, according to the State Council’s decision to deploy, the people’s Bank of China in conjunction with the relevant departments to carry out 16 Internet financial risk rectification work, study and formulate the Internet financial risk special rectification work implementation plan, the special rectification work objectives, principles, priorities, responsibilities and schedule. The special rectification work goal is to implement jointly issued in July last year the people’s Bank and other ten ministries "on the guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, standardize all kinds of Internet financial industry, optimize the market competition environment, reverse the Internet financial innovation direction deviate from the correct format of some of the situation, and through summarizing the experience of governance, establish and improve the long-term mechanism to promote the development of industry, healthy. Special rectification to combat illegal and protect legitimate; actively and steadily and orderly solution; a clear division of labor, strengthen cooperation; the combination of distance, bianzhengbiangai "principle, highlighting the problem oriented, focus on the P2P lending network, the congregation to raise equity, Internet insurance, third party payment, through the Internet to carry out cross-border asset management and engaged in financial the Internet advertising business, finance and other key areas of remediation, effectively prevent and resolve the financial risks of the internet. In order to ensure the effectiveness of remediation, innovation and access to access to the use of funds, rewards and punishments, internal control, technology, anti-dumping, countervailing and other remediation methods. According to the characteristics of the Internet financial cross domain and cross regional business, special emphasis on strengthening inter departmental and inter regional cooperation and communication, in accordance with the "departments, territorial organization, integrated, jointly responsible for" the spirit of joint responsibility, the central and local governments have focused on the initial formation of a national linkage, safe and orderly, innovation, method taking into account the long-term working pattern. Establish and improve the adaptation characteristics of Internet financial regulatory system, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the industry to promote the development of the Internet financial regulation, according to the idea of bianzhengbiangai, tackling the problem, found in the remediation process of problem oriented, in the comprehensive investigation and properly resolve risk points at the same time, to carry out the construction of long-term mechanism. First, the Internet for cross-border financial mixed operation, the characteristics of multi-level market system, and gradually improve and perfect the regulatory system. First, strengthen access management and functional supervision. The establishment of financial institutions, engaged in financial activities, must be subject to access management. According to the essence of the Internet banking business and functional attributes to determine regulatory requirements and regulatory body, to achieve full coverage of financial formats, online and offline financial behavior regulation. Adhere to regulatory fairness, clear Internet companies engaged in financial activities and traditional financial institutions to engage in similar operations in line with the basic market access policies and regulatory rules. Two is the implementation of "penetration" regulation. The mutual theory相关的主题文章: