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Buy whatever you want! 11 on the first day of the total amount of up to 251 million shipments of more than a total of over 1 billion national post office on the 12 release of monitoring data show that, on the 11 of the country’s postal, courier companies to deal with the shipment of 251 million, an increase of 52%. Another data show that Tmall’s double 11 global shopping festival turnover reached 120 billion 700 million yuan. Tmall trading volume of 120 billion 700 million yuan has just ended the "double 11" online shopping festival is popular, the major electricity supplier sales record high. Data show that Tmall "double 11" global shopping day trading volume reached 120 billion 700 million yuan; 1 hours before the day when the Jingdong 13 orders over 2013 all day long; NetEase koala "super goods Festival" in the early morning of 11 1 sales exceeded 150 million yuan. Expert analysis, the rapid development of the courier industry, the rising level of consumption, the huge consumer goods production capacity, electricity supplier’s own development and other factors prompted China to create the world’s largest online shopping carnival. The National Bureau of statistics released data show that the first three quarters of 2016, online retail sales of 34651 yuan, the growth rate of 26.1%. 2015 China online shopping market research report shows that by the end of 2015, China’s online shopping users reached 413 million, an increase of 14.3%. The amount of online shopping accounted for the proportion of the proportion of daily consumer spending in the purchase of 11% and above the range of user groups increased significantly, which means that online shopping has become a national consumption habits. Yang, vice president of the school of economics, Zhejiang University, said that from the consumption structure, the general public is the main crowd of online shopping, this part of the increase in income, will effectively enhance the demand for online shopping. The Chinese companies have sufficient supply of products, fully meet these increasing consumer demand for the network. At present, about 70% of the world’s mobile phones, 90% of personal computers, air conditioning by the Chinese manufacturing enterprises, and a considerable part of these goods sold directly in the domestic market. Alibaba data show that during the double 11, HUAWEI, millet phone, music, TV and other brands of sales exceeded billion. "Double 11" express will be more than 1 billion national post office on the 12 release of monitoring data show that the country’s 11 postal, courier companies handled a total of shipments of 251 million, an increase of 52%. According to the State Post Bureau data analysis and forecast, this year "double 11" period (November 11th to 16), the mail business volume will be more than 1 billion 50 million processing industry, growth of 35% over the same period last year; the courier business volume of cross-border electricity generated every day will be more than 10 million, an increase of 5 times over the same period last year; "double 11" three days before a business volume is the most concentrated and transit processing pressure; a part of the key city, concentration of rural county following the courier business volume of two-way peak will appear at the end; diversified services, will take about 10% of the delivery task. State Post Bureau official said, the industry should attach great importance to season production safety, efforts to keep the bottom line of safety. The State Post Bureau relies on the postal industry safety supervision information system and other means of information, the key areas, key routes, key parts of the community may occur相关的主题文章: