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Foxconn Terry Gou: Ma’s speech made me feel very alarmed in October 14th news today, Ali yunqi conference was officially opened in Hangzhou, Terry Gou, founder of Foxconn Technology Group today to attend the 2016 meeting of Ali yunqi. Terry Gou said at the meeting, Ma today’s speech last night, I have talked with the exchange, which gave me a great panic, did not sleep well at night. It is understood that the founder of Foxconn Technology Group Terry Gou and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Jack Ma met 9 years ago, Ali, the general assembly of the second electricity supplier. At that time, Ma told him that Foxconn is an elephant manufacturing, Ali to use a lot of ants to overthrow you. In Terry Gou view, then Ali is just a platform for e-commerce to make everyone shopping, but now is not the same. After 9 years of development, "Ali now" ant "has grown up, the ants are together, ants are small, together can down an elephant. And the mention of today’s new commercial speech Ma Yun, new manufacturing, new finance, new technologies and new energy five aspects have been communicated with me last night, which gave me a great panic, did not sleep well at night. Terry Gou, founder of Foxconn technology group contains a number of humorous discourse components, but it is undeniable that Ali "ants" after a long period of development, its status and ability are improved, its influence is gradually strengthened. Terry Gou: big data is pre Zhu Geliang Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou yesterday was invited to attend the 2016 Hangzhou conference, China Yunxi the main venue of the opening, and lectures, bluntly is big data before Zhu Geliang, the use of big data, can also bring down the little elephant, "I came here today, is to learn with brain. The pursuit of the new economy and new manufacturing." The annual continental cloud habitat conference in Hangzhou, the General Assembly hosted by Ali cloud, and flying. Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba group at home Hangzhou cloud habitat conference, how much less the best friend Guo dong. Indeed yesterday to attend special Guo Dong, also took charge of hundreds of Foxconn to Gongxiangshengju, is to understand "Alibaba’s technology development, how to shake the global electronics industry". Terry Gou mentioned, 2007, Ma had said to him, "Hon Hai is" manufacturing "but he will use the elephant, a lot of ants, to overthrow the elephant". Now only after 9 years, but Ma’s ant said it had a huge impact. Terry Gou said with a smile, now these ants have grown up, with a big head, and through the Ma Ali cloud platform, combined with a consistent action. In order to quote data effect, Guo Dong also gave the special group recently conducted a large data application experiment as an example, he said, the Hangzhou factory of big screen television, is to do data management activities, but the use of image data to the control panel, through each photographic archive, then for image comparison, so as to promote the image of big data wisdom manufacturing plant in Hangzhou, the process yield has been increased by 30%. Terry Gou said, the Hon Hai group over the past 40 years, the cumulative mold out of tens of millions of units, but the size is not standard, open mold"相关的主题文章: