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The Ministry of environmental protection pollution plots proposed regulations: the responsible person shall remove the anti pollution diffusion Beijing Beijing on 8 November, the Ministry of environmental protection issued 8 "pollution soil environment management measures" (Draft) requirements, contaminated land and responsible person shall formulate risk control programs, remove or clean up pollution sources, pollution prevention the need to develop diffusion; utilization of land should be carried out remediation, to prevent the two pollution of land and the surrounding environment. The "measures" should be pointed out that, in accordance with the "polluter responsibility" principle, the main responsibility for soil pollution caused by units or individuals shall bear the environmental investigation, risk assessment, risk control and governance and repair. Units and individuals that cause soil pollution can not be recognized by the land use right to assume the corresponding responsibility. The "measures" requirements, evaluate and confirm plots pollution exceed the acceptable risk level of risk, and not contaminated land exploitation or remediation conditions at the present stage, block responsible person shall make risk control plan, remove or clean up pollution sources, pollution, and other measures taken in isolation blocking, prevent the spread of pollution. The pollution plots need to take risk control measures, the people’s government at the county level shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council, the establishment of regional management organization designated logo, issued a notice to carry out soil, surface water, groundwater, atmospheric environmental monitoring; found that the pollution diffusion, to the relevant responsible persons take timely remedial measures. The "measures" pointed out that the land pollution assessment confirmed exceed the acceptable risk level of risk, and the need of the development and utilization of polluted land plots, the responsible person shall carry out remediation, and meet the requirements of land use planning corresponding soil environmental quality. The responsible person shall according to the plots of urban and rural planning, land use planning, land use change and land pollution risk assessment report, compiled block remediation project, and remediation project and expert advice, from the municipal environmental protection departments for the record thirty days before the seat districts in the project day. During the remediation of contaminated land, the construction unit shall take measures to prevent the cause two pollution on plots and the surrounding environment; waste water, waste gas and solid waste remediation process, should be disposed of in accordance with relevant state regulations, and reach the standard of environmental protection provisions of the state or local. In the process of remediation clean-up or produce solid waste as well as the demolition of the production and operation of equipment and facilities and structures, which belongs to the hazardous waste disposal, shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the relevant national hazardous waste. The "measures" pointed out that the local environmental protection departments shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of environmental protection to land environment investigation, risk assessment, risk control and remediation activities; found in violation of the laws and regulations on environmental protection, punishment and other measures taken in accordance with the law. The "measures" that block responsible person in any of the following circumstances, rectification shall be ordered by the administrative department of environmental protection at the county level or above, more than ten thousand yuan at thirty thousand yuan fine: (a) did not perform according to the regulations related to reporting formalities; (two) without the implementation of pollution treatment plots.相关的主题文章: