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20 billion! The mess in India how to counter attack the global medical tourism market? Sohu health medical tourism for the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry in India, is a potential outlet". Overall, the India hospital’s price is more reasonable compared with Europe and the United States, and the third world countries, the medical level is relatively high, relatively advanced medical facilities. This provides a good soil for the development of medical tourism in India. India economic times (The Economic) reported that as of November 2015, India’s medical tourism industry market size has reached $3 billion, and is expected to continue to grow. To 2020, the industry is expected to contribute about 70 to $8 billion in India’s GDP. 2012 to 2014, an average of about 200 thousand medical tourists visit India every year. Among them, India and adjacent to the lower level of medical development in Bangladesh and Afghanistan, the largest number of patients, accounting for about 34%; Russia and other CIS countries, accounting for about 30%. Many European countries due to their working-class insurance ratio is not high, the doctor is more expensive, and India traffic has no language barrier, English, to India for medical treatment, can greatly save the cost and waiting time. Japan’s economic news reported on March 2016 that India has 918 thousand doctors (about 60% of them have international practice). The next three years, there will be at least a total of 40 private hospitals opened. From dental implants to cosmetic surgery, from liver transplantation to bypass surgery, quality medical services are attracting more and more patients into India. What are the advantages of India’s "medical tourism"? First of all, is a strong pharmaceutical industry in India, medical tourism support. India has always been known as the world pharmacy, the production of generic drugs in the world leading position. In September 2015 in India listed C generics price is only one percent of the price of the same kind of drugs in Europe, set off a boom in domestic purchasing patients. India’s medical services also benefit from the construction of a huge advantage in terms of price. According to the business world (BusinessWorld) report, the same heart bypass surgery in the United States, Mexico and Singapore need 144 thousand, 20 thousand and $14 thousand, while in India only $8500. Secondly, India’s medical tourism industry has been the government’s strong support. In terms of visa, since 2015, for the United States to visit more South Asian countries, the India government has simplified its visa procedures, and gradually set up a shortcut window. Visa approval process is also greatly accelerated, South Asia, the patient in the relevant materials submitted within three days will be able to get a visa, critically ill patients can get the same day. In addition, in September 2015 the world medical tourism conference, India announced the establishment of a specialized Medical Tourism Commission (Medical and Wellness Tourism Board), and will raise about 20 million rupees (about $300 thousand) of investment fund.相关的主题文章: