The fifteenth judicial examination opening test brush face approach to prevent cheating-魔界骑士イングリッド

The fifteenth judicial examination opening test "brush face" approach to prevent cheating in the judicial examination last examination, candidates have to brush face into the exam yesterday morning, two days of the fifteenth national judicial exam started. Modern Express reporter learned that, for the first time this year, the judicial examination is equipped with face recognition equipment at the test center, candidates need to brush face into the room, to prevent cheating. Many candidates shouted difficult questions, will live. One of the legitimate rights and interests of female workers, has stumped many male candidates. Strict brush face high-tech battle to prevent cheating in the province’s registration reference this year the national judicial examination of a total of 35014 people, a record high, an increase of nearly 20% over last year, the number of applicants ranked fourth in the country, Nanjing has a total of 6 test sites in Nanjing this year, a total of 9326 people enrolled in the examination, 1930 more than last year, an increase of 26%. According to reports, this year, the total number of enrollment and increase in Nanjing, a record high, and ranked first in Jiangsu. This year the number of candidates, the requirements of close cooperation, judicial and administrative authorities and the provincial education examination, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Radio Management Committee, provincial security bureau and other departments, strict supervision of the implementation of the examination discipline, to prevent and combat cheating. The reporter saw in Nanjing city in twenty-nine, the entrance examination test center, there are a lot of notebook computer, there are candidates in, under the guidance of the staff, to the ID card on the card reader, and will face to a laptop computer on a small camera, and soon, the examinee information appears in the computer. "The judicial examination in Jiangsu Province, all test sites are using face recognition technology." Deputy director of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of justice Li Shigang said, "this is the first door to prevent cheating. Before the candidates enter the examination room, the invigilator will use metal detectors to check the candidates have no carry illegal items. Each examination room is equipped with a camera, the examination room will be aggregated to the real-time monitoring room." In addition, the examination room is also set up a signal shielding device, once detected in the examination room with abnormal signals, can be suppressed. Test a "female" question caught male candidates yesterday morning, the first exam just ended, the judicial examination forum there have been a lot of hot candidates. Women’s menstrual period of the relevant laws and regulations, I have never prepared for the pro forma." Candidates Zhang said, a multiple-choice question is a question about the legitimate rights and interests of female employees, stumped themselves and male candidates. "One of the options is about whether a woman can work at high altitude. I do not have this knowledge of life, in the preparation of the time is not ready to this point." He said: "this is a girl to send points ah!" Modern Express reporter learned that this question is also an option is to examine, how many months pregnant female workers shall arrange for the night. Personal feeling closer to the practice of the exam, compared with last year’s exam is not difficult. Like this topic, if it is the daily life of female workers to understand the relevant laws and regulations, it is very simple." Candidates Zhang said. One day down, most students feel difficult questions. Some candidates said that although the registration of many people, but also a lot of abandoned exams, almost every classroom has an empty seat. The judicial examination will continue today.相关的主题文章: