18 year olds because no money to pay piaozi in Sanya strangle slip female pipansihuan-霍金hawking

18 year olds because no money to pay piaozi in Sanya strangle slip female pipansihuan not pay piaozi strangle slip female Sanya incident, after committing crimes, was 18 year old boy going to sea last pipansihuan postmortem attempted Southern Metropolis Daily News September 26th (reporter Li Sheng Fu Huangmei correspondent) because there is no money to pay piaozi, kill slip female. Recently, the provincial high court for review, the Sanya intermediate people’s court case of intentional homicide, 19 year old Zhou Moufan because there is no money to pay piaozi, kill slip female, was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve, deprivation of political rights for life, commutation limit. In March 10, 2015, unable to endure family quarrel, when Zhou Moufan, 18 years old, ran away from Beijing, came to Sanya, and lived in an inn on commodity street. In the same year in March 13th evening, because in the past few days to find a job is not smooth, Zhou Moufan mood is very depressed, and fellow drinking back to the hotel, then germination find a wrong woman playing idea. Then, Zhou Moufan through the mobile phone with unfamiliar street, WeChat found a slip female Chen, the two sides negotiated piaozi night of 2000 yuan. As a matter of fact, Zhou Moufan was only 200 yuan. So, Zhou Moufan had the idea of killing her when she had sex with a broken girl. At about 0 a.m. in March 14, 2015, Chen came to Zhou Moufan’s inn. Because the two sides pay piaozi problem quarrel, Zhou Moufan promised to transfer money to Chen. Chen is asleep, Zhou Moufan has been considering the killing, and then dumped the sea. The same day at 2 pm, Zhou Moufan strangled Chen, Chen took more than 2000 yuan in cash in my wallet. His mobile phone, wallet, clothes items discarded in the river near spring, bought two large bags for postmortem, because the body is too heavy and give up. Around 7:45 the same day, Zhou Moufan left the inn. 20:30 Xu Xu, Zhou Moufan was arrested by the public security organs. The court held that Zhou had ignored the state law and intentionally deprived others of his life and caused one death. His act constituted intentional homicide, and his criminal responsibility should be investigated according to law. But Zhou Moufan’s defenders put forward the victim’s fault. After investigation, Zhou Moufan is active through the network to find the missing female prostitution, and agreed to 2000 yuan each night, the victim does not exist together with others to lure prostitution and overcharging facts. Therefore, the court held that the above defense opinions of the defender were not established and should not be adopted. At the same time, counsel suggested that Zhou Moufan was just over 18 years of age, consistently good performance, no criminal record, pleaded guilty and Moufan week parents give relatives of victims of economic compensation, in the pre-trial settlement by the relatives of the victim. The investigation is true, but it is not enough to give him a lighter punishment. Zhou Moufan crime particularly serious consequences, subjective malignant deep, personal danger, should be severely punished, he should be sentenced to death, in view of its just over eighteen years old, relatives of victims to obtain the understanding, may be implemented immediately, but the restrictions on commutation. What is the judge reprieve commutation limit? In this case, the Sanya intermediate people’s Court of Justice said the death penalty in our country, we are more familiar with the immediate execution of death penalty, the death penalty suspended for two years, for a reprieve limit.

18岁少年因无钱付嫖资在三亚掐死失足女 被判死缓   无钱付嫖资掐死失足女   事发三亚,犯案后,当时18岁的少年打算抛尸大海未遂最后被判死缓   南国都市报9月26日讯(记者利声富 通讯员黄梅)因无钱支付嫖资,杀死失足女。近日,经省高院复核,三亚市中级人民法院判决一起故意杀人案,19岁的周某凡因无钱支付嫖资,杀死失足女,被判处死刑缓期两年执行,剥夺政治权利终身,限制减刑。   2015年3月10日,因忍受不了家庭争吵,当年18岁的周某凡从北京离家出走来到三亚,入住商品街某客栈。同年3月13日晚上,因连日来找工作不顺利,周某凡心情非常郁闷,和老乡喝酒回到酒店后,便萌发了找个失足女玩的想法。于是,周某凡通过手机用陌陌、微信找到一名失足女陈某,双方谈定嫖资包夜2000元。事实上,当时周某凡身上只有200多元。于是,周某凡萌发了与失足女发生性关系后,把她杀死的想法。   2015年3月14日凌晨0时左右,陈某来到周某凡入住的客栈。双方因嫖资支付问题发生争吵,周某凡承诺天亮转钱给陈某。陈某睡熟后,周某凡一直在考虑将其杀死然后抛尸大海。当天凌晨2时左右,周某凡掐死了陈某后,拿走陈某钱包里的2000余元现金。将陈某的手机、钱包、衣服等物品丢弃在临春河畔后,买回两个大编织袋准备抛尸,因尸体太重而放弃。当天7点45分左右,周某凡离开客栈。当天晚上20时30分许,周某凡被公安机关抓获。   法院审理后认为,周某凡无视国家法律,故意非法剥夺他人生命,致一人死亡,其行为已构成故意杀人罪,应依法追究其刑事责任。但周某凡的辩护人提出被害人有过错。经查,周某凡是主动通过网络找失踪女嫖娼,并同意对方2000元包夜条件,不存在被害人伙同他人引诱嫖娼和索价过高的事实。因此,法院认为,辩护人的以上辩护意见不成立,不予采纳。同时,辩护人提出,案发时周某凡刚满18周岁、一贯表现良好、没有前科劣迹、认罪以及周某凡父母在庭前给予被害人亲属经济赔偿,达成和解,得到被害人亲属。经调查属实,但不足以对其从轻处罚。周某凡犯罪后果特别严重,主观恶性深,人身危险性大,应予严惩,论罪应判处死刑,鉴于其刚满十八周岁、取得被害人亲属的谅解,可不立即执行,但应对其限制减刑。   法官说法   什么是死缓限制减刑?   对于此案,三亚中级人民法院的法官说,对于我国的死刑,大家比较熟悉的有死刑立即执行、死刑缓期两年执行,对于死缓限制减刑比较陌生。为让犯有较严重罪行的犯罪分子得到足够的教育,刑法修正案对被判处死缓的犯罪分子的减刑制度进行较大修正,对于有较大人身危险性和所犯罪行有较严重社会危害性的犯罪分子,应予以限制减刑使其接受较长时间的监狱改造。   在死缓执行期间,如果犯罪分子没有故意犯罪,期满后减为无期徒刑,如果有重大立功表现,期满后减为25年有期徒刑;因重大立功依法减为25年有期徒刑的,其实际执行刑期不能少于20年。相关的主题文章: