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Sports junkie: Diego after death " rocket; " repent and be saved (Figure) (2) – Beijing Liu Yunfei: the old country three caught this is not the first domestic football and drug affair, as early as 2004 in the first year, the former Liaozu goalkeeper Liu Jiansheng has been to the new era of Chinese football he also carried a head-on blow. The "Chinese football drug-related first" reputation. However, the impact, or the past door Liu Yunfei drug-related history is more shocking. Although not able to catch a flight bound for the world cup, but Liu Yunfei is by virtue of their own efforts on the national team position. The election was the best and the Asian Cup was a penalty kick. The fans had high hopes for him. Unfortunately, Liu Yunfei, who was addicted to drugs, was destroying his future. For 07 years, he was transferred to Shanghai, arrested by local police for drug use. He could not but in the morass of drug return of the prodigal son, huoxianhuoshen. Late last year, Liu Yunfei again because methamphetamine was detained by the public security organs in Tianjin according to law, and this is the third time he was arrested by the public security organs for drug use. Throughout the world sports, the number of those who have been eroded by drugs is not in the minority. Maradona: Overdose drug insurance died, as early as the effectiveness of Boka, Maradona began to rely on drugs to ease the pain caused by injuries. In March 17, 1991, in the Serie A test, the first time Maradona was found to have taken drugs, he was suspended for 15 months; three years later, in 1994 the World Cup second times, Maradona was found drug-related, he was ejected from the tournament, which is the number one for our last memory about the world cup. After retiring, Maradona did not reined in, an excess of two drugs had almost lost his life. "I almost died. It was a hard time.". To be exact, I’ve been dead for a few seconds, because I was completely unconscious. It was the doctor who saved me." Maradona was very remorseful about his past misdeeds, and he once said, "all the mistakes are caused by me.". I was a bad child growing up in school, not a bad boy who was taught in school." The World Cup last year, in an interview with Maradona to ask, "if I don’t have a drug if you dare to imagine that I could become a fantastic player?"

体坛瘾君子:球王历经生死 "火箭"回头是岸(图)(2)-中新网   刘云飞:昔日国门三被抓   这不是国内足球圈第一次与毒品有染,早在2004中超元年,原辽足门将刘建生的就曾给新时代的中国足球当头一棒,他也背上了“中国足球涉毒第一人”的恶名。不过论及影响,还是昔日国门刘云飞的涉毒史更令人触目惊心。   虽然没能搭上开往韩日世界杯的班机,但刘云飞还是凭借自己的努力坐稳了国家队主力的位置。当选联赛最佳、亚洲杯神奇扑点球,球迷们对他寄予厚望,可惜沾上毒瘾的刘云飞却自毁前程。07年,已转会至上海的他因吸毒被当地警方抓获。此后他没能浪子回头,反而在毒品的泥沼中越陷越深。去年年底,刘云飞再次因为吸食冰毒被天津公安机关依法拘留,而这这已经是他第三次因吸毒被公安机关抓获。   纵观世界体坛,曾受毒品侵蚀的名将不在少数。   马拉多纳:过量吸毒险丧命   早在效力博卡期间,马拉多纳就开始依靠毒品来缓解伤病带来的疼痛感。1991年3月17日,在意甲联赛药检中,马拉多纳第一次被查出服用毒品,他被禁赛15个月;三年后,在1994年美国世界杯赛上,马拉多纳第二次被查出涉毒,他被逐出那届大赛,这也是“球王”留给我们关于世界杯的最后记忆。   退役后的马拉多纳并没有悬崖勒马,过量的毒品曾两次险些让他丢了性命。 “我真的差点就死了,那是非常艰难的时刻。确切地说,我已经死了几秒钟,因为我当时已经彻底昏迷。是医生把我救了回来。”   对于昔日的错误行为,马拉多纳非常懊悔,他曾经表示,“所有错误都是我一手造成的。我是在学习中长大的坏孩子,而不是一个在学校里被教好的坏孩子。”去年的世界杯后,马拉多纳在接受采访时发问,“如果我没有吸毒的话,你们敢想象,我能变成一个多么出色的球员吗?”相关的主题文章: