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The National Day holiday near the end of   the good weather continues pay attention to moisturizing sunscreen — Guangxi channel — original title: National Day holiday near the end of the good weather to continue to pay attention to moisturizing sunscreen with the National Day holiday is coming to an end but fortunately good weather continues to sound long tail, this season you encounter what the scenery? Yesterday, on the circle of friends are still all kinds of sun shine, Guilin and Beihai in summer and autumn deep mist, Chongzuo Wuzhou delicacy…… A friend is a feeling, only through other places, like Guangxi will be more beautiful. Yes, this year’s National Day holiday is really wonderful and memorable, most areas of the city with an invigorating autumn climate, sunny to cloudy weather, very suitable for travel to enjoy the scenery. Today is the last day of vacation, many of my friends are assured on the way home, the weather today is still very awesome Jun. According to the meteorological department is expected in 10 days before, to maintain the fine weather, high daytime temperatures, but sooner or later some coolness. Such good weather conditions brought a lot of convenience for the return of the pro, but suggest that you avoid the hot noon time travel. According to the Guangxi meteorological station is expected within two days, the cloudy to sunny weather, climate is dry, not easy to give the hot feeling, the need to pay attention to moisturizing sunscreen work. In fact, when the end of a holiday, our heart will inevitably be some sadness and regret, especially the National Day holiday, because in it after the end of this year, all over the holidays. But at least we have good weather to stay, oh! (reporter Hu Lingling) (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu) 国庆长假接近尾声 好天气继续相伴注意补水防晒–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:国庆长假接近尾声 好天气继续相伴注意补水防晒 国庆长假就要结束了 好在还有好天气继续相伴 长假接近尾声,这个假期你邂逅了怎样的风景?昨天,小记的朋友圈里依然是各种晒照,桂林的秋色、北海的深夏、崇左的轻雾、梧州的美食……有位朋友更是感慨,只有走过其他地方,才会更觉得广西的美好。是啊,今年的国庆长假真是美好得令人难忘,全区大部分地区秋高气爽,以晴到多云的天气为主,真的非常适合出游赏景。 今天是长假最后一天,不少朋友都在回家的路上,放心,天气君今天仍旧非常给力。据气象部门预计,在10日之前,全区晴好天气维持,白天气温较高,但早晚有些凉意。这么好的天气条件给返程的亲们带来了不少便利,但建议大家避开中午较热的时段出行。 据广西气象台预计,两天内,全区多云到晴天气,气候较为干燥,不容易给人闷热的感觉,需注意做好补水防晒的工作。 其实每次假期快要结束的时候,我们的心里都免不了会有些不舍和遗憾,特别是国庆假期,因为在它结束之后,今年的法定节假日就全部结束了。不过,至少我们还有好天气继续相伴,呵呵!(记者 胡玲玲) (责编:庞冠华、陈露露)相关的主题文章: