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The school made money: the summary content refers or Tai Chi [mild fundamentals]: at the Federal Reserve released the minutes of the January meeting, the whole is more neutral, even remarks, investors did not find too much of the Fed’s policy outlook leads, market reaction insipid. No transfer meeting positive, open raise interest rates for the first time in the United States, under the background of below market expectations, more or less will be interpreted as bad, no support from the United States itself, plus rival currencies such as the euro, yen and other zoudie needs not the United States that it will be more pressure, the situation is not optimistic. Yesterday, by the Iran accident agreed to Russia, Saudi Arabia and other frozen production accord put forward the positive boost, crude oil once again pulled up sharply, while driving the commodity money to return to the high, the recent sharp fluctuations in the trend of crude oil, is a hot market, behind the active trading, there are many trading opportunities, investors may be associated with commodity money and the trend of crude oil, flexible grasp. [technology]: Euro dollar is now available at 1.1136. Yesterday continued volatility, the daily closed Yin, volatility nearly 80 points, the Federal Reserve monetary policy summary in January did not provoke a sharp reaction to the market. Before the announcement of the ECB / micro-blog monetary policy conference today, the trend is based on the technical level, the exchange rate is running in the down channel, the initial support is located at 1.1100, and the further support is located at 1.1060; the upper resistance 1.1160~1.1180 area. 4 hours graphics show that the MACD short energy column is shrinking at the zero axis, and is going to cross the zero axis and change the multi energy column. MACD double interleaving, MACD low will be formed, indicating short-term prices are expected to rebound bottoming. 1 hours graphic display, MACD index and price deviate from, the average system shocks, further down kinetic energy frustrated. Today, our team gives the operating proposal is that the ECB monetary policy (Beijing time 20:30) before the announcement, you can buy at 1.1110 dips, stop 1.1080, target 1.1130, 1.1160, 1.1200. The risk of profit loss protection and avoidance of meeting summary. Support position (recommended low slag position):1.1110 EUR USD GBP $, is now on the 1.4298 line. Yesterday the pound continues to shock, with the daily closing, under the shadow of the small solid line, said the market fell temporarily stop the power. But in the near future, the pound is also in deep risk of retreating from Europe. The EU summit is being held to discuss the change of the status of the British EU Member States, and whether to hold the UK referendum on Europe, which will affect the trend of the sterling exchange rate. 4 hours of graphic display, MACD is in the form of low MACD, exchange rate shocks more intense. 1 hours graphics, the exchange rate and technical indicators deviate from, not broken 1.4230 is expected to rise again. Today, our team gives bargain buying strategy, 1.4275 buy, stop 1.4255, target 1.4295, 1.4315, 1.4350. Support position (recommended low slag position):1.4275 GBP USD Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information.

校立理财:纪要内容温和 美指或打太极   【基本面】:   凌晨公布的美联储1月会议纪要,整体比较中性,四平八稳的言论里,投资者并未找到太多美联储政策前景的线索,市场反应平淡。没有传递利好的会议纪要,在美国开启首次加息,市场期待下文的背景下,或多或少会被解读为利空,没有来自美国自身的支撑,加上对手货币如欧元,日元等走跌需求不大,美指反而会更加承压,局势不容乐观。昨日,受伊朗意外同意俄罗斯,沙特等提出的冻结产量协议的利好提振,原油再度大幅拉升,同时带动商品货币重回高位,原油走势近期的大幅波动,是市场的一个热点,交投活跃的背后,存在着不少的交易机会,投资者可借助商品货币和原油走势的相关性,灵活把握。   【技术面】:   欧元 美元,现交投于1.1136一线。昨日延续震荡,日线收阴,波幅近80点,美联储1月货币政策纪要未激起市场的剧烈反应。今日欧央行[微博]货币政策会议纪要公布前,走势以技术面为准,汇价运行于下行通道内,初步支撑位于1.1100,进一步支撑位于1.1060;上方阻力1.1160~1.1180区域。4小时图形显示,MACD空头能量柱萎缩在零轴处,正待上穿零轴转变多头能量柱。MACD双线交织,低位金叉即将形成,指示价格短线筑底有望反弹。1小时图形显示,MACD指标和价格出现背离,均线系统震荡,进一步下跌的动能受挫。今日我们团队给予的操作建议是,欧央行货币政策(北京时间20:30)公布前,可在1.1110逢低买入,止损1.1080,目标1.1130、1.1160、1.1200。有盈利提损保护,规避会议纪要的风险。   支撑位(建议低渣位置):1.1110  EUR USD   英镑 美元,现交投于1.4298一线。昨日英镑延续震荡,日线收带有上、下影线的小实体阴线,表示市场的下跌力量暂时止住。但近期英镑也深陷退欧风险之中,正在召开的欧盟峰会将讨论改变英国欧盟成员国的地位,以及是否举行英国退欧公投,这将影响英镑汇率走势。4小时图形显示,MACD低位正在形成金叉,汇价震荡较激烈。1小时图形,汇价与技术指标形成背离,不破1.4230有望再度上升。今日我们团队给予逢低买入的策略,1.4275买入,止损1.4255,目标1.4295、1.4315、1.4350。   支撑位(建议低渣位置):1.4275  GBP USD 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: