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Science There will be no singing of Rock You Like a Hurricane in this piece (those are the Scorpions of Germany). In addition, there will be no shooting of anything (that is the Skorpion of the Czech Republic). These references show how popular using the name of the scorpion has been in human history. Obviously, it makes sense to name a heavy metal band or machine gun after one of the scariest looking little creatures on the planet. With their ability to be poisonous, their exoskeleton, their barbed tail, and large claws, they can be a scary looking creature. Scorpions are a small predator that fits into the arachnid class with spiders and other insects with eight legs. There are 13 families of scorpions to date that total over 1,700 described species. These scary little arthropods (invertebrate with exoskeleton and segmented body) can be found occupying ever landmass in the world except for Antarctica. Finding one of the little guys around your home can send many people into a panic. While all scorpions contain venom that is used for paralyzing or killing their prey, not all scorpions are deadly to humans. About 25 species of scorpion found around the world are deadly to humans. North America is only home to one of these poisonous species, which is found mostly in the southwestern United States. The Arizona Bark Spider is a deadly creature that residents of the Southwest should be on the lookout for. They are the most venomous scorpion of the United States and feed on mostly crickets and roaches. These scorpions are nocturnal and well developed for desert life. While the incidents involving these scorpions are in the thousands annually, they have claimed less than five lives since 1968. Mexico, where medical care is not as advanced, there have been many more deaths. Florida has about three varieties of scorpion, none of them being able to kill a human. The largest of these is the slender brown scorpion or Florida bark scorpion. These scorpions can grow up to 4 inches in length and are native to tropical climates. The Hentz Striped Scorpion is the most .mon scorpion found in the state of Florida. The Hentz is also the smallest scorpion in the state of Florida, not growing over 3 inches. These scorpions feed on mainly on cockroaches, if you are looking for a positive spin on seeing one. Finally, the Guiana Striped Scorpion is only found in South Florida around Miami. The Guiana can grow up to 3 inches and are a yellow color. There are roughly 90 species of scorpion found in the United States and only one of them is considered dangerous to humans. Of those 90, only four species are found east of Mississippi. So, when running into one of these creatures, do not be alarmed. While the scorpion can be very intimidating, they should be avoided as opposed to panicked over. If stung by a scorpion, try to kill it and then bring the specimen with you to a hospital in case anti-venom is needed. Scorpions are usually found when they are out searching for food. If you feel as though you have a scorpion problem, contact a pest control professional to figure out the proper steps to deal with the issue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: