Freedom .es With Gratitude-残清1864

Internet-and-Business-Online I woke up today and decided to roll over and go back to sleep! I had a late evening and really just wanted a clearer head, so I snoozed for about another hour. I then got up and strolled downstairs, let the dogs out and enjoyed my morning cup of tea. It as really nice outside and since the last few days were so hot, I sat outside and enjoyed the cool breeze and the damp air left over from the late night storm. It felt good just to sit and savor the morning air. As my head cleared I took on the morning chores and then worked out, fed the dogs, watered the plants, wrote in my journal, had a quick shower and walked the 8 ft from my bedroom to my office to start my business day. It was when I sat in my chair and started going through my emails that it hit me, I was in charge of my life. I showed up for me, and because I was willing to show up for myself I got to enjoy a freedom that none of my neighbors did. In fact, on the mornings I’m up early there is a scurry of activity as everyone around me hurries up to go sit and stare in rush hour traffic. One by one they hurry past me and I wave as they leave our street giving thanks all the while for having just enough courage to leave behind the rat race and embrace my life. I work for myself and I love every second of my life. Wow. I became so grateful in that moment of recognition that I almost started to cry. To think that I could sit here late in the morning and just be starting my day knowing I make more money then most doing things I’m inspired to do! And the best part, I help others to achieve this too. I realized a point of gratitude opening up in me that I had never known before. How lucky was I to live a life like this? Well maybe not luck, maybe a whole lot of courage and a big leap of faith, but I did it and everything it took for me to be right where I am today was so worth it that all I can say is "thank you" to everything and everyone who helped me to help myself. I can do anything I set my mind to. I can earn seven figures this year if I truly desire it and that inspires even more gratitude in me because I know how blessed I am to have that opportunity. I’m no rocket scientist, I don’t have a degree in anything, I just got fed up and decided to make a change. And every day since I continue to add to my gratitude list because of all the assistance, support, belief and ac.plishments I have enjoyed. I am surrounded by others who challenge me to be the best I can be, every day, no excuses and I’m so thankful for that opportunity because it motivates me to go for it at a new level every moment. What’s my point? If you find that you are in a job you don’t care for, or in a place that just doesn’t feel like it fits, be grateful for this. Be grateful for that because it inspires you to action. All it takes is a different decision to be.e someone, life me, who gets to sleep late in the morning and be in charge of their life so allow yourself to be filled with thanks for every issue you might have because it will inspire you to make that decision and you will find yourself actively solutions that will open doors of opportunity for you and it all starts with being thankful. Copyright (c) 2009 Deborah Bishop About the Author: 相关的主题文章: