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Internet-and-Business-Online There’s an important election .ing in a few months. It’s hard not to notice with all the ads, robocalls, news reports, and messages flying around social media. Most people I know are already tired of the campaigning, and it hasn’t really gotten into full swing. It got me to thinking political campaigns are often run like digital marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, both begin to irritate people if not done properly. The turn-off Being flooded with superficial messaging isn’t pleasant. Enduring calls to act based on scant information is frustrating. Feeling like you’re being blanketed with candidate branding is annoying. The same can be said for the way some .panies manage their digital marketing campaigns. They just don’t get it. The type of mass marketing used to push messages to wide audiences and even unsuspecting consumers doesn’t really work. An ExactTarget analysis says such strategies have a 2% response rate and are on the decline. Marketers may be telling themselves they are on target because they are using new, digital channels. However, non-contextual mass advertising being blasted over social networks or mobile devices isn’t going to do the trick. Get in touch Perhaps the best way to be effective in newer channels, oddly enough, might be to harken back to the old days in approach, or mind set. Think about how political campaigns used to be run. Candidates would hop a train and make stops in towns, large and small. They would address audiences personally, answering questions and having real conversations. No TV cameras or 24- hour pundits to twist their words or to prompt grandstanding. Managing digital marketing campaigns doesn’t end with selecting social channels, deciding on a mobile strategy, or .posing email campaigns. The hand-shaking and baby kissing has to continue, even after the ‘election’. That means, the more you continue to get to know your audience and the more you figure out how to give them what they want or need, the more likely you are to be re-elected. And isn’t the goal to get consumers to engage with you fully, and repeatedly? Provide a reason for them to go to visit your site regularly, to spread the word, and even to help drive new directions. Make your campaigns more of a two-way street. Coordinate marketing efforts across all channels. While some political candidates have a hard time being consistent in their messaging, don’t make the same mistake. Develop a coordinated plan, follow it through, make adjustments based on consumer reaction, and work to win their support. The best way to get started is to ask questions. Poll existing customers about what you do and determine what provides value. Ask new visitors to .plete a survey, and reward them for their time with a special, an offer, or even a simple thank you. Take the time to lay out a strategy, get feedback, and utilize various channels to do more than flood people with non-strategic messages. If you’d like to begin campaigning, contact us for Digital Marketing Services and we can help develop a strategic plan that suits your needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: