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Sports-and-Recreation Today, Belleville .bat boots have be.e the leading suppliers for military personnel footwear. For over a century, the Belleville Shoe .pany has serviced the shoe apparel needs for those in service. In total, the .pany has gained over 100 years of experience within the manufacturing of boots. Ultimately, the name has be.e synonymous with high quality boots, built to protect people wearing them from harsh outdoor elements. New Beginnings: The Birth of the Belleville Shoe .pany The Belleville Shoe .pany first created roots within Belleville, Illinois in 1904. Only 50 employees .prised the .pany’s onset. Production during this time consisted between 50 and 75 boots a day. Soon after, the .pany expanded sales from coast to coast while selling boys and men’s shoes. Military sales however, did not start until 1917. At this time, War officials .missioned the .pany for footwear products for World War I. Initially, the .pany’s small operation worked towards making un.plicated footwear yet has be.e a staple in military apparel. The Depression: Relieved by Innovative Outlets Times became tough at one point during the 1930s. Through the course of this time, orders remained low and military orders became non-existent. However, the .pany created another source of in.e by marketing to social service agencies in Chicago. Primarily, the agencies bought shoes for distribution to destitute victims of the depression. Production Resumes: The Demands of WWII Once again, military demand resumed following the start of World War II. All though this time, the Belleville Shoe .pany never failed on delivering their products on time. Along with this, the .pany continued to deliver on quality products and this impressed the War Department. In response, they awarded the Belleville .pany with the coveted Army-Navy E Award in 1945. Out of 90 .panies manufacturing .bat boots for the military, only five received this award. Ensuing this honorable distinction, the .pany has continued receiving recognition for providing performance products with high quality. Branching Out: .pany Growth and Expansion Starting in 1950 and through the 1960’s, the Belleville Shoe .pany made the decision to branch out into other markets. Primarily, this involved athletic shoes under the RAWLINGS brand. Shoes consisted of those for track, bowling, soccer, golf, football, and baseball. The Baseball legend Stan Musial remained one of their best customers throughout the course of his career. Each season he would generally go through six or seven pairs of shoes. Despite their success within athletic shoes, their attention shifted back to the production of Belleville .bat boots in the seventies. Even so, the .pany continued to manufacture shoes for civilians. In 1986, the .pany’s new home became the Belle Valley Industrial Park east of town. .bat Boots: Just For Men? As mentioned before, most of the Belleville Shoe .pany’s focus centered on manufacturing men’s and boy’s shoes. For a good portion of the .pany’s history, male focused shoe wear remained the trend. A pivotal turning point came in November of 2006 when the .pany first announced expanding production to include a military boot for women. The new product line introduced consisted of four popular styles for men to include sizes for women. The newly developed shoes incorporated women’s smaller size, while maintaining the same lightweight and .fort found within the men’s boots. The product expansion aimed at making the boots fit better by expanding on the current sizes. The new sizes included size four through ten and additionally included 1/2 sizes for all except the 10. .bat Boots: Belleville Represents Military Footwear Over time, the Belleville Shoe .pany has continued to advance with technology used within their .bat boots. In 2009, on June 4 the .pany announced further advancements in regards to the technology with the military .bat boots. This came with the introduction of the new product line, Tactical Research by Belleville. Among the advancements were the introduction of their newest and lightest .bat boots. More specifically, the new line expanded from over Belleville’s experience amounting over a 100 years in .bat boots, in addition to their current knowledge on some of the most advanced materials within the market. All of this contributed to the current line, which aims specifically towards the footwear needs of a soldier. Other advancements throughout the course of the .pany’s history, consists of the number of sizes available. Additionally, improvements with the boot have increased the amount of .fort, as well as their warmth. Currently, the Bellville .bat boots offer a large amount of choices. In general, people have a large variety they can choose from in regards to styles and colors. Many of the boots consist of some sort of steel tip variation. However, some boot styles do not offer a steel tip, while others do not offer boots without a steel toe. As a standard practice, Belleville .bat boots with a steel toe have the lettering "ST" on them. Currently, the .pany has over 14 different steel-toed boots as a choice. Beyond Military: Belleview Outdoor Adventures Earlier in 2010, Belleville announced another addition to their civilian boot line. This included the introduction of insulated boots for extreme cold weather conditions. Other improvements included improved traction on the shoes sole. By doing this, the amount of .fort increased for outdoor cold weather activities as ice fishing expeditions, in addition to skiing, and hiking. Belleville Today: The Military .bat Boot of Choice Throughout the years, Belleville has be.e one of the premiere leaders and oldest within boot manufacturing. Largely, this relates to their .mitment to researching and developing innovative boot design technologies. For that reason, they have continued to add to the .puter driven equipment used, in addition to expanding on further markets. One of the main reasons for the .pany’s success and popularity has to do with their establishment of a brand defining quality and .fort. Therefore, the .pany has remained a strong presence within footwear apparel. In contingent to this, they continue to receive thousands of positive reviews each year. These reviews are not only specific to the military, but extend into the general population as well. Presently, the Belleville Shoe .pany is the largest producer of military .bat boots. Now the .pany houses another smaller operation within DeWitt, Arkansas called Belleville Shoe South. In total, the .pany now produces over one million boots each year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: