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Personal-Finance You will get lots of content on personal budgeting. However, after a while, you will definitely get confused with all the advice. Probably this article too might add to your confusion. Hence, I have tried to keep it short and simple, and precise. And remember, adopting a simple approach will help you or will encourage you to go all the way. Involving complexities will destroy the main motive of personal budgeting, as you wouldnt follow it for more than a day. Hence, simplicity is the key. Get proper estimates Budgets are based on estimates. And if these estimates of income or expenditure are taken vaguely, it wouldnt serve the purpose. Although it is quite impossible to be very accurate as it involves future amounts. However, the figures should not be largely variable. Try to be as accurate as possible instead of taking an approximation. And if you intend to have a little room for errors, underestimate your income and shoot up your expense. Simplicity Having categories for various kinds of expenses and income is definitely very useful and helps you to have a quick look at everything. However, the number of categories should not make the budget look complex. To start with, you can have basic categories like expenses, income, additional expenses, savings, investments, and debts. Thats it. And if its comfortable, carry on with it. You dont really have to search for new personal budgeting categories on the web every month. Simplicity in budgeting will help you to be organized, with precision, and without confusion. Keep a track of all your spending Vagueness is a dangerous threat to your budgeting plans. Try to be precise at every possible place. Before you start personal budgeting, I would suggest you to keep a track of every penny you spend. This would give you a definite idea of how much you spend every week. Subsequently, it becomes quite easy to trace areas where you can save money. Hence, making a budget after knowing your expense is a suggested way to start. Choose a calculation period It is essentially a period when you review your results and set new targets. Most people prefer monthly budgets. However, going for a weekly one is also a good option. Ultimately, this decision purely depends on your preferences, and also on how you get paid. Make it fun Budget is not a diet plan. But akin to dieting, budgeting too is very painful. Most people fail to keep their promises or follow a budget is mainly due to lack of fun in it. They prohibit themselves from eating out, watching a movie, or spending money on what they like. This is what makes it boring. Fun factor should be included in the budget. As the name suggests, personal budgeting is quite custom-made in nature. What works for you, may not work for your elder sister or your kid. Work out something that suits youk. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: