6 comfort women victims refused to accept the Korean government will provide 100 million won – China actv

6 comfort women victims refused to accept the new August new network in Korea government provided 100 million won in 31, according to South Korean media reports, the South Korean government said it will according to the agreement in Japan and South Korea in the issue of comfort women, to provide 100 million won to the Japanese comfort women victims per person, living in Gyeonggi Do Guangzhou to share home 6 Japanese comfort women victims decided to refuse to accept. Reported that 6 of the comfort women victims of the old woman, 3 surviving comfort women victims’ families, 5 deceased victims survivors on the afternoon of 28 conference held in Guangzhou in Gyeonggi Do in the "share house", in the exchange of views on the plan after the government refused to accept the decision made. Jin Yushan, who attended the meeting of the comfort women victims, told the government that we were asking for "legal damages", but that they had to offer "condolence money."". In addition, 12 comfort women victims included 6 old woman living in shared home, also filed a lawsuit against the government, said the agreement on the issue of comfort women against the Korean Constitutional Court ruling, and requested the government to provide 100 million won in compensation for each victim.相关的主题文章: