6 year old baby to help sanitation workers sweep the road grow up when the police to protect her k-boxing

6 year old baby grandma to help the sanitation workers sweep the street: when the police to protect her original title: 6 year old baby grow up to help the sanitation workers sweep the Street police protection: when the grandmother she grew up (Figure) friends to take Xue Junxi to help grandma sweeping situation. Xue Junxi and grandma rented in the house. According to the morning news reported that the morning news, 6 years old when it is like? It may be "under the banyan tree beside the pond…… Waiting for the school, waiting for the school, waiting for the game of childhood". It may also have "I don’t think I don’t want to grow up, grow up, the world is no fairy tale". If a 6 year old boy in the street to clean up the garbage, at the same time surprised, you will not stop to pay attention to this sensible child. The day before, in the streets of Hefei, a 6 year old boy to help the sanitation workers grandma sweeping the scene so many people looked to see that in November 3rd, reporters learned that the child named Xue Junxi, his grandmother said the children on the road sweeper is upset, and this boy is hoping to grow up, can make my grandma not so hard. 6 year old baby to help grandma sweeping, lead users attention "the little guy to work seriously, in the Baohe District Jinzhai road viaduct, Bainaohui nearby farming issue next encounter the sanitation workers with his grandson roadside garbage cleaning, the little guy followed grandma back sweep, point to the little guy praise." November 2nd 19 am, netizen @ Wei Wen Sheng issued a micro-blog "such a state, four pictures attached is still behind one of the photos on display, a skin white boy with a broom and dustpan to sweep the floor, side of a man wearing dustbinman clothing with a large black plastic bags, the little boy look carefully to sweep the floor, see the pictures to their own people, still smiling. Then he drew a lot of micro-blog users and micro-blog V forwarding and praise, everyone except the boy was impressed in the yen value, for the kids this heart warming behavior point of praise, many netizens called for everyone, throwing some less garbage, sanitation workers work less, more rest. Grandma with grandson Shishuwunai November 3rd morning, after making inquiries, the reporter finally found this dustbinman grandma’s information, her name is Fan Hourong, this year 60 years old, Huoqiu people, in Hefei do the sanitation workers have two years of time. Subsequently, the reporter found her in Jinzhai road and Jixi Road intersection, the reporter saw out the photos, van Hourong said the photo was really his grandson, called Xue Junxi, 6 years old this year, I was sweeping the floor yesterday, I heard the little grandson said, someone to take pictures of him, do not know will be on tv." Fan Hourong came to Hefei two years ago, because they do not read nor Meijie came to proficiency in a particular line, Hefei city cleaning services limited liability company to do the sanitation workers, mainly responsible for Jinzhai Road (Mount Huangshan road – Jixi road). According to its captain Ge Ruidong introduced, because honest, careful work, Fan Hourong has been praised by colleagues. The reason why the grandson on the road to clean up, Fan Hourong said it was helpless. The child’s parents divorced, his father in Guangdong, the mother perennial no matter what, I can only rely on." The day is because of the child’s face相关的主题文章: