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7 year old child check-in baggage security hidden Turtle was stopped his father killed on the spot turtle information times (reporter Xiong Jiayan Li Qiqing correspondent Zhuang Cuizhi Guo Junyi) recently, a 7 year old child who wanted to take their turtle boarding, was stopped at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport security, the boy was Dad hurry to catch the plane. The little turtle killed cruel in the trash. September 17th at about 5 in the afternoon, in the Baiyun Airport domestic security channel B area, with Mr. Wang, the son of the old man in the security check at the age of 7. Luggage over the X ray machine, the driver found that the image shows the child’s backpack in a jar, filled with a turtle shaped object, the requirements of open packet inspection. After the opening of the package Xiao Chen agreed by the passengers, the passengers on the baggage inspection, found in the opening of a glass jar was fitted with a small turtle. It is reported that the little turtle is the little boy’s pet, Chen told Mr. Wang, a small turtle is a living animal, can not carry luggage or cargo handling, you can try. But because the passengers have been close to boarding, screeners recommend it to allow pedestrians to bring back the tortoise. Who knows, this amazing scene happened before the screeners explained, Wang actually took the little turtle, and the cruel death sped away in the trash after. Baiyun security remind passengers, first of all, carrying a small animal and could not be transported by air, but apply to the airline before boarding, or try to handle freight; secondly, not small animal installed in a closed space, to prevent suffocation; to ensure the punctual passenger boarding, please relevant formalities before the flight in the first run carrying small animal.相关的主题文章: