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The 89 year old retired teacher bare donated 600 thousand   frugal fruit picking rotten buy — people.com.cn Hainan window – Changzhou Wujin District people.com.cn retired teacher Chu Zhenmin nearly nine years late, recently, he and his wife Zhang Wenxiu life savings 600 thousand yuan donated to the Wujin district is located in the town of Lijia school parent Osaka junior middle school, set up a "civilization reward fund for poor students, students with outstanding academic achievements and funding. Recently, Osaka middle school held a special "civilization Award Fund donation ceremony. The two old people do good for decades old Chu Zhenmin is Wujin District of Lijia Zhen Pu shore village, 89 year old retired Yaoguan middle school Chinese teacher, his wife Zhang Wenxiu is also a teacher, retired primary school in Osaka teaching. "I give this 600 thousand yuan, is his wife and my years of austerity, a little bit accumulate out." After retirement, the old reservoir retirement pay 6500 yuan, his wife’s pension can get 5000 yuan, but even so, the two old people are not willing to spend money, have money to donate a thought. This year the teacher’s day, find the old storage ban on the junior high school, offered to donate 600 thousand yuan, a feat that rocked the school teachers and students. Chu said that he had an account, recorded from 1989 to date his family’s contributions, totaling about one hundred thousand yuan. 2008 donated ten thousand yuan secondary school, in 2013 donated to the Changzhou charity foundation of $ten thousand…… A few years ago, Osaka primary school door to repair a bridge, the school and the town government can not get the money, but to social donation. At that time, the old man did not hesitate to donate 1000 yuan, his wife Zhang Wenxiu donated $2000, son and daughter have donated. The bridge is completed, Osaka primary school students from no longer have to detour to school, parents applauded. Once, someone introduced to Chu Lao Lucheng, a middle school girl cincin in junior Tin Ka Ping (a pseudonym), because of his disability, can not afford to pay tuition almost immediately. Chu immediately took out 1000 yuan, to the hands of the child. By the end of 2014, with his wife Zhang Wenxiu Chu Zhenmin together, to the village of 2 households living in the family donated 6000 yuan, one of two donors in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, the other one is the students suffering from leukemia. Two families have spent a lot of medical expenses because of illness, life is in trouble. After Chu Zhenmin was informed, and his wife to discuss, decided to donate to them. Thrifty, the fruit picking rotten buy storage old neighbors for years told reporters that the old couple’s very frugal life, people love to buy fruit to pick fresh, they pick out the rotten, returned home to eat rotten part cut off. Today, the old man’s wife has died, he lived alone and his youngest son, the old man’s three children are very filial, every few days to take care of his father. It is understood that the children of the elderly are now living conditions are good for his father’s contributions are also very supportive. Ban on the junior high school principal Guo Shu, the school has received several batches of the old reservoir is currently the donation, the constitution, planning is mainly used in three aspects, one is the funding for poor students, two is to reward outstanding students, three is to reward outstanding teachers. Us)相关的主题文章: