93, 97 gasoline delisting in Sichuan will be upgraded to the country five standard (video) drop dead diva

No. 93, No. 97 gasoline new year delisting Sichuan will be fully upgraded to national standard five experts suggest that due to the different models, the most reliable way is to use a manual on the technical parameters of the gas products show cars, or see the oil logo beside the vehicle fuel tank cover. In general, the higher the grade of oil, better antiknock performance. If the engine compression ratio or high performance requirements of vehicle speed of the car, suggested the use of high-grade oil. Currently on the market, the country four standard steam gas station sales of diesel in the next year after the new year’s day no matter. Chengdu Daily reporter yesterday from Sichuan China oil sales company was informed that, according to the national arrangements in Sichuan area from January 1, 2017 to upgrade the national standard of five. Then, gas station will stop selling below the national five standard car with gasoline and diesel. 93, 97 and two grade gasoline will be adjusted to 92, 95, 98 and three grade. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing city and Guangdong city has been part of the implementation of five national standards, Chengdu owners will also be in after the new year the first to use oil in five, part of the region may also go ahead. What is the national standard of five? The emission limits more stringent emission standards of national fifth stage vehicle, namely "five national standards". In the fifth stage five emission standards, emission standards and control level is equivalent to being implemented in Europe, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and suspended particles such as vehicle emission limits more stringent. The oil must be upgraded in order to reach the national emission standards for five. The new standards promulgated, is of great significance to protect the environment, improve air quality. At the same time, the use of five oil loss on the vehicle will be less. Need to clean the oil tank and change the label? Circulating gas two or three times by a cleaning tank without the owner, can directly select the oil label, and vehicle refueling cycle to complete replacement of natural 2-3. In addition, in four and five in mixed with a direct impact on the vehicle performance is not. Change the label, prices will not rise? Or a slight change, the long term changes in oil prices will reduce maintenance costs approved by the relevant departments. According to the NDRC announced the oil price adjustment table, with a valuation period, the country four standard gasoline and diesel prices, compared to five in terms of really a little cheaper. But industry experts said, according to the national standard of five high quality, the price of gasoline is estimated there will be a slight change. However, this requires owners of large accounts. China Sichuan Petroleum Marketing Company responsible person said, according to the test data China Automotive Technology Research Center and the domestic and international mainstream depot authority shows that the adjustment of gasoline label has no obvious effect on the use of cars, but because of the country’s five oil can reduce vehicle maintenance costs, may be more cost-effective. Chengdu Daily reporter Hu Pei drawing Wang Xue editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading No. 93 gasoline 97 gasoline oil fee change why

93号、97号汽油元旦退市 四川将全面升级到国五标准专家建议由于车型不同,最可靠的方式是查看汽车使用手册上关于所加油品的技术参数,或参见汽车油箱盖旁的油品标识。一般来说油品标号越高,抗爆性能更好。如果发动机压缩比高或者是对车辆提速性能要求高的车,建议选用高标号油品。目前市面上加油站销售的国四标准汽、柴油在明年元旦之后就没啦。成都商报记者昨日从中国石油四川销售分公司获悉,根据国家安排,四川地区将从2017年1月1日起全面升级到国五标准。届时,加油站将停止销售低于国五标准车用汽、柴油。93、97两个标号汽油将调整为92、95、98三个标号。目前,北京、上海、南京等城市及广东部分城市已经开始执行国五标准,成都车主也将在元旦后率先用上国五油,部分区域还可能再提前。什么是国五标准?对排放物的限制更严苛国家第五阶段机动车污染物排放标准,即“国五标准”。国五排放标准,控制水平相当于欧洲正在实施的第五阶段排放标准,对氮氧化物、碳氢化合物、一氧化碳和悬浮粒子等机动车排放物的限制更为严苛。油品必须升级才能达到国五排放标准。新标准的发布实施,对保护环境、改善空气质量具有重要意义。同时,使用国五油品对车辆的损耗也会更少。换标号需清洗油路和油箱吗?循环加油两三次就行了车主不必清洗油路油箱,可直接选择与车辆匹配的油品标号,循环加油2-3次即可完成自然置换。此外,国四和国五混加对车辆性能不会产生直接影响。换了标号,油价会不会涨?或小幅变化,长远看减少保养费用油价变化将由相关部门核准。根据发改委公布的油品价格调整表,同一个计价周期内,国四标准的汽、柴油价格,相对于国五而言确实要便宜一点。而业内专家表示,按照优质优价,国五标准的汽油价格估计会有小幅变化。但是,这需要车主算大账。中国石油四川销售分公司负责人表示,根据中国汽车技术研究中心和国内外主流车场等权威机构测试数据显示,汽油标号的调整对汽车使用无明显影响,反而因为国五油品可减少车辆保养维护费用,可能更划算。 成都商报记者 胡沛 制图 王雪编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 93号汽改97汽油为什么费油相关的主题文章: