A house in Wuxi suspected of gas explosion caused 4 deaths and 6 injuries in the early morning (map) melia kreiling

Wuxi houses early in the morning due to a gas leak explosion has caused 4 dead 6 injured (Figure), street wall House Road No. 220 houses explosion caused the collapse of the housing. Sun Quan photo wall House Road No. 220 street, a house explosion caused the collapse of the housing. Sun Quan photo September 19 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Sun Quan) 19 day at 4:54 in the morning, Jiangsu Wuxi New Area Shuofang Wu street wall Zhai Road No. 220 houses explosion caused the collapse of the housing, the people buried pressure. As of press time, the scene search and rescue has ended, the accident has caused 4 deaths, and the other 6 injured are being treated in the hospital. The cause of the accident is under investigation. Wuxi police today announced that, after a preliminary understanding, the collapse of houses to 3 two storey houses, a layer of three restaurants, suspected for liquefied gas leak caused the explosion. "I thought it was an earthquake. I got up and ran out." Residents near the accident site master Xu told reporters, the day before dawn when he was awakened by a loud noise, thought the earthquake, he ran out to see, that is Wall House Road No. 220 side collapsed, there was a woman trapped in the rubble and shouted for help. In the master Xu come to understand what happens when the majority of residents nearby was awakened by the sound of the explosion, residents heard the call for help to the spontaneous rescue, when people call alarm call. "After that woman was rescued, she said her family was buried inside, and asked us to help her family."." Xu said, the rescued woman said 9 people were buried in the room. Subsequently, Wuxi fire, 120 first aid, public security rushed to the scene of the accident to implement rescue. Reporters arrived at the scene, the police have been on the scene of the accident on the wall side of the road to pull up the warning line, and the surrounding traffic accident scene control. The scene around the street is full of broken glass, collapsed houses is in ruins. After the accident, a lot of onlookers were talking about it. According to the surrounding residents, about 10 days ago, one side of the houses along the street just opened a store of duck fans. The explosion of the "center", this is a new duck fans shop. There are also residents said that the accident buried several people are migrant workers from Wuxi. "The woman rescued after, soon a little boy was pulled out, then rushed to hospital rescue 2 men, 2 women and 2 children were rescued." Onlookers told reporters, because the voice is too large, most of the surrounding residents were awakened, so early in the morning there are many people rushed to the scene onlookers. (finished)

无锡一民房凌晨疑因煤气泄漏爆炸已致4死6伤(图) 硕放街道墙宅路220号一民宅发生爆炸造成房屋坍塌。 孙权 摄 硕放街道墙宅路220号一民宅发生爆炸造成房屋坍塌。 孙权 摄   南京9月19日电 (记者 孙权)19日上午4时54分,江苏无锡新吴区硕放街道墙宅路220号一民宅发生爆炸造成房屋坍塌,现场多人被埋压。截至记者发稿时,现场搜救已结束,此次事故已造成4人死亡,另6名伤者正在医院救治。事故原因正在调查中。   无锡警方今日发布消息称,经初步了解,坍塌房屋为3间两层民宅,一层为三家饮食店,疑为液化气泄漏引发爆炸。   “我当时以为是地震,爬起来就赶忙往外跑。”事故现场附近的居民徐师傅告诉记者,天蒙蒙亮时他被一声巨响惊醒,以为发生地震,等他跑出来一看,发现是墙宅路220号那边倒塌了,当时有一名女子被压在瓦砾堆中大声呼救。就在徐师傅明白过来发生什么事时,附近的多数居民也被爆炸声惊醒,有居民听到呼救后自发前往救人,当时就有人拨打报警电话。   “那个女的被我们救出来后说自己的家人被埋在里面,求我们救救她的家人。”徐师傅说,这名被救的女子说整个屋子里还有9个人被埋。随后,无锡消防、120急救、公安赶到事故现场实施救援。   记者赶到现场后,公安民警已在事故现场的墙宅路边拉起警戒线,并对事故现场周边的交通进行管制。事故现场周围的路边到处是碎玻璃渣,发生坍塌的民宅已是残垣断壁。   事故发生后,不少围观的居民纷纷议论此事。据围观居民介绍,大约10天前,这处民宅沿街的一侧才开了一家鸭血粉丝店。这次爆炸的“中心”点,就是这家新的鸭血粉丝店。也有居民称,这次事故被埋的几个人大都是外地来无锡的务工人员。   “女的救出来后,很快就有一个小男孩被拉出来,随后又有2名男子、2名女子和2名小孩被救出后送往医院抢救。”围观居民告诉记者,因为声音太大,周边居民大部分都被惊醒,所以一早就有很多人赶到现场围观。(完)相关的主题文章: