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A grain of corn magic geometry – Gansu Channel – people.com.cn original title: a grain of corn magic geometric cooperatives cost increase, make whole corn industry chain in Jilin is located in Gongzhuling City, "Sauteed Sweet Corn with Salted Egg Yolk zone of Songliao plain, the corn a rate close to 100%, the planting area at about 280 thousand hectares, accounting for nearly 90% the total area of cultivated land, known as" township of the corn China". Most of the local agricultural machinery concentrated in the hands of large and cooperative organizations, most of the farmers are the land to large farmers and cooperatives. Xue Yaohui’s new farmer cooperatives came into being. "We sell grain from sowing to the whole industry chain." Xue Yaohui said. In the local, if the farmers themselves from farming to harvest per hectare costs 7500 yuan per hectare, farming cooperatives, invested only 5000 yuan. After the grain harvest, cooperatives free grain for farmers. The farmers to sell grain cooperatives, with higher than the market price per kilogram of the purchase price of a penny. Into the Wanxin cooperative warehouse, harvester, tractor, tillage machine and sowing machines of various types lined, quite imposing. "It’s all our baby, and it’s up to them to make money." Xue Yaohui said, it is imperative to reduce costs from each production link, but also to farmers. Take agricultural service, the club costs less than 20% of the market price, only this one can save 1200 yuan per shang. Wan Xin Liu House Street cooperatives in the Piedmont Village of Gongzhuling City, has more than 1 thousand and 120 members, has all kinds of farming income of farm machinery 210 sets, equipped with a professional maintenance car 5, agricultural machinery repair workshop of 5900 square meters. As of last year, the transfer of 6660 acres of land, farm machinery service area of 11700 acres, radiation surrounding several towns. Mechanization up, but also to improve efficiency is not an easy thing. Is the old Xue Kung Fu from crop varieties, according to his survey: good for harvesting grain varieties has the advantages of high resistance, hard and fast dehydration cob grain, grain for many advantages: reducing expenses. In the past a hectare of maize harvesting, transportation, storage, grain threshing machine needs 1800 yuan, only 1200 yuan per hectare. Guaranteed harvest quality. Because of transportation, drying, storage and other factors, the loss of about 1400 kg of grain per hectare. The grain harvest can be directly drying, greatly reducing the loss of more than 1600 yuan per hectare. This year, Wanxin planting for corn harvesting grain varieties — Wheelock 919 a total of 112 hectares of corn harvester, direct harvest threshing machine drying corn grain storage, effectively reduce the grain moisture, measure down per ton in the grain drying process can save drying costs 5 – 10 yuan. At present, cooperatives have been built in storage center of grain drying of 27 thousand square meters, 4 tons of grain storage bin, the grain can be stored 75 thousand tons of grain, 300 tons of grain drying time drying tower. Scale up, in order to play an advantage. Before burning straw because of headache, and now abandoned straw into a baby." Xue Yaohui has an account: straw packing sold by the cooperative power plant, production per hectare of dry straw 6 tons per hectare, cooperative profit 70)相关的主题文章: