A Pingtan woman killed tens of thousands of cash put ice coffin take wings to itself 660003

A Pingtan woman killed tens of thousands of cash ice coffin Strait news network September 27th take wings to itself (sea reporter correspondent Liu Shiquan       Chen Shuhui) parts of Pingtan have this custom, family members should put money on the dead, hope the dead to "over there" with money. No one could have thought, but there are people playing the funeral money idea. In July 21st this year, at noon, Lee (female) because of the car accident was sent to a hospital in Pingtan for treatment, but eventually treatment died, the body was carried to the hospital morgue, Lee’s sister a few people together 10000 yuan in cash on the dead body, was taken to the morgue, morgue remains in the ice coffin in. Then, Lee’s husband told the Pingtan County Funeral Home in the mortuary staff Lin, a million yuan in cash to the wife, hope to help look after Lin. The evening of July 23rd, after Lee’s family left the mortuary, Lin a person in the morgue. Lin owed money, hand tight unable to repay, think of 10000 yuan Lee suffered money. Lin Lee opened the coffin, out of which 1000 yuan, the money will be returned to the others, and then back to the morgue. Since then, Lin has repeatedly from the ice coffin and stole cash, a total of 3200 yuan. The morning of July 30th, Lin mougang to the morgue, Lee’s husband also went to the morgue. Do not worry because the money placed in the coffin of ice, Lee’s husband Lin will immediately take out the money in the ice coffin. The money out, one is only 6800 yuan, Lin argued that not known. After that, Lee’s husband immediately called the police, Lin admitted stealing money. Taking into account the money refunded Lin, and the old, poor physical condition, recently, Pingtan County Procuratorate made the decision not to approve arrest Lin.相关的主题文章: