Academy of Military Sciences experts said the congregation raised can also build weapons to two bank yezimei

Academy of Military Sciences experts said the congregation raised can also build weapons to two banks – Sohu Military Channel "in the" Internet plus "background, the future can explore will raise the public, Crowdsourcing into civil military integration, and guide more private capital to carry out military research!" in September 21st fourth China (Mianyang) International Science and technology city science and Technology Expo International Forum on innovation and development of civil military integration, the integration of military and civilian research center of Academy of military science researcher Liu Zhiwei bold hypothesis: chips can also build weapons. Civil military integration (Beijing) equipment Technology Research Institute president Han Pu also proposed similar ideas, through the platform of "civil military integration cloud platform, in a wider range of research and development, design, manufacturing and integration of marketing resources, to promote civil military integration. Imagine bold enough, but really feasible? The development of civil military integration is a national strategy, but private capital to enter the military research and development are facing system, safety management and other obstacles, raise weapons, may need? What system crossed the ridge? Hum: how to promote private capital and get more "list of civil military integration is the consensus of all parties, difficulties in the implementation, need to have institutional arrangements." In the view of peaceful use of military technology China association chairman Zhou Wusheng, the enthusiasm of private enterprises, private capital into the industry is very high, but it is not easy to get the list, if orders are a problem, it is more difficult to talk about the public financing development projects for weapons. Zhou Wusheng believes that the promotion of civil forces to participate in research and production of weapons and equipment, you can take some institutional arrangements. For example, set up the evaluation index, the index of civilian military procurement should be concentrated in a certain proportion, the civilian can not the core design, key components, but may be general parts, accessories and so on. "There are obstacles, but the future is entirely possible." Liu Zhiwei is more optimistic, "to stimulate the vitality of the concept of innovation, system innovation, organization innovation, mode innovation, raise weapons, it belongs to the category of innovation, in this way to mobilize the social capital to enter." Liu Zhiwei said, in fact there has been in the exploration project to raise the public way of military research and development. Safety ridge: make safe and controllable and the economic benefit is the most important "compatible military product safety, if all the chips on the weapons safety doubt, even if you get the list, the military may be difficult to accept the relevant products." In Yongtai (Beijing) Cci Capital Ltd President panteng long-term investment of small and medium-sized enterprises involving the military, military aware of customer concerns. In the view of chairman of Changhong Electronics Group Holdings Limited Zhao Yong, military safety control, the civil power heavy benefit, the two are not contradictory, it is behind the actual compatible two system of national defense construction and economic construction, but in the real operation, integration actually is not easy. Liu Zhiwei also believes that in the safety of the supremacy of the standard, the benefits are likely to be placed in the second. Can learn from foreign experience, sources of funding can be raised in a variety of public, but the production and research institutions must be safe and controllable. To attract more funds into weapons and other military research field at the same time, the establishment of a "firewall", to ensure the safety of its products. Security is the integration of military and civilian development, the military and civil forces need to jointly solve the practical problems." Zhou Wusheng recognize.相关的主题文章: