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Cuilong Zhu: according to Hengda expect to arrange a referee does not evaluate cuilong Zhu on the sidelines of sina sports news Beijing time on November 27th, the 2016 season in the FA Cup final second leg match started in Nanjing, Jiangsu Suning home court against Guangzhou evergrande. The first half of the game eighth minutes, R took the lead to help Hengda leading. The first half stoppage time, Paulinho equalised. The second half, R Ma scored two again to help Suning ahead 81 minutes, Huang Bowen scored super long shots in the location of 2-2. The two round total score of the game 3-3, Hengda with away goals advantage, won the 2016 season FA Cup champion. After the game, coach cuilong Zhu Su Ning on the game guide, Cui said: "congratulations to Guangzhou Evergrande won the FA Cup champion first, through the game, we still see the team exposed some problems, the problems found in the game, which is also conducive to our day by train to to improve and perfect in some places, the preparation period will go to prepare, to better meet the next season, the team lost today, but we also see through the game shows their positive energy Suning spirit, is worth us to place awards." For Martinez in the match today, given cuilong Zhu’s comments: "or Martinez, or Teixeira, our team has a very strong offensive player today, they also deliver the goods, scored at the critical moment, they are the most powerful weapon of our team, but we will in the next game, for the team the attack for their dependence on this point, more to solve the problem, to find more ways." Two games, two draws, the final champion is Hengda, this is the strength or bad luck? Cuilong Zhu: "we also feel that some bad luck, luck is a part of the strength of the team, we see the shortcomings, in this game, we should understand the importance of a ball, how important it is to have a deep understanding of the team, has a local goal, then we will try to improve." Can you talk about the first two throw the ball, after the game, Gu Chao will say some encouraging words? Cuilong Zhu: "second ball, Huang Bowen scored the goal, feeling that his shooting area, we were defending deeper, eventually lost the ball. Today we lost two balls, in fact, Gu than the usual hard training, also before the game showed his strength, today it is conceded to blame, is more encouragement." Finally, after a showdown between a China 2016 football season, cuilong Zhu said: "today’s FA Cup final, before the game AFC Champions League similar results, today we also realized the defeat Hengda, we are not the champion position, very want to win the game, but no necessary disappointment, we will redouble our efforts next season, will initiate the impact on hengda." Today the replacement of the referee, the referee into local foreign law enforcement referee, cuilong Zhu after indifferent said: as a referee in Hengda the expected direction to arrange, I also inconvenience)相关的主题文章: