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Aggregation of network security "field force" – Sohu comments in September 19th to network security network security for the people, by the people "as the theme of the 2016 National Cyber Security Awareness Week kicked off in Wuhan. The first half of this year, with the approval of the central network security and information technology leadership team, the central network information office, the Ministry of education, Ministry of public security, administration of press and publication, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and other six departments jointly issued the "National Network Security Awareness Week activities plan" clearly, from this year on, the network security awareness week in September of each year the third week in the provinces and municipalities unified. As one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth Century, the Internet has become more and more closely integrated with people’s study, work and life. In particular, the current information technology as the core of a new round of technological revolution is pregnant with the rise of the Internet is becoming the driving force of innovation driven development. However, the network is a double-edged sword, such as information fraud, information disclosure and a series of "by-product" let people for the "startling step by step". Some institutions to master the personal information of illegal sale of personal information of citizens, but also breed a series of criminal acts against the people. In the context of data explosion, network security has become an important part of national security. General secretary Xi Jinping made it clear that there is no national security network security". From a global perspective, China is a staunch defender of network security, but also a victim of hacker attacks. The current network security threats and risks have become increasingly prominent, especially the national critical information infrastructure facing greater risks, network security prevention and control ability is weak, the development of the Internet has brought new challenges to national sovereignty, security and development interests, we must seriously deal with. "People have called, political should be". The country is the network security guardian and protector of responsibility in the maintenance of network security. In the face of network security situation is complicated and grim, facing the reality calls for people to maintain network security, the central network information office to co-ordinate the establishment of network security strategy, planning, establish and improve the network security review system, promote the network security legislation and standardization work, held a national cyber security awareness week activities, this pile pieces are to fulfill their duties in, for the implementation of network strategy, safeguard national security and dedication. Maintenance of network security, enterprises can not be absent. For businesses, sites do not blindly pursue hits, to guard against fake and shoddy open shop, do not become a social platform rumor diffuser, do a search not only by how much money as the qualifying standard. This year will be held during the propaganda week of network security exhibition, 95 exhibitors, including Alibaba, Tencent, Qihoo 360, Baidu, Kabasiji and other foreign companies will also participate in the exhibition, this will undoubtedly help to reinforce corporate responsibility, build a strong network security "iron bastions". Network security for the people, network security by the people. The openness of the Internet means that everyone has the right to enjoy the convenience of the Internet, but also means that everyone has the obligation to consciously safeguard network security. Visible for Internet users, it should start from their own, from the side to start, do not believe, do not spread相关的主题文章: