Analysis of Yongchang Yatai towards a Luneng still cautious echelon situation-lightscape

Echelon situation analysis: Yongchang Yatai towards a? Luneng still cautious relegation battle in the final stage of sina sports 2016 Super League season zhanba twenty-sixth, relegation situation is still whirling. Currently, in the case of the remaining 4 League Super League, there is no one team ahead of the relegation, there are more than half of the team in the presence of the possibility of relegation. Shijiazhuang Yongchang round 3-2 defeat Changchun Yatai, worth 6 points to win the relegation battle, but two teams present integral is low, with the third Hangzhou Greentown respectively 5 points and 6 points gap, if the next two rounds can not get 4-6 points, are likely to downgrade in advance. The Guangzhou Hengda is currently leading Jiangsu Suning 7 points, the title has not suspense. If Guangzhou Evergrande won the championship in advance, then the final round of the home game with Shandong Luneng is likely to substitute the lineup. If Shandong Luneng has not advance echelon successfully, which may contribute to the Shandong Luneng ashore. The twenty-sixth round, in the matter of the relegation match, Shandong Luneng beat 2-1 Beijing Guoan, Shijiazhuang Yongchang home court 3-2 victory over Changchun Yatai, Hangzhou Greentown home court 3-0 victory over the Jiangsu Suning, got three points for help. The basic survival of Tianjin TEDA in the home court lost 1-3 to Shanghai Shenhua, is not yet out of danger of relegation. Although in theory, the super team has half the likelihood of a downgrade, but in the past 7 season relegation the lowest scores, in order to avoid relegation success requires a minimum of 29 points (2011 points last season, third place), it may take up to 33 points (2009 points last season, third place). General points to reach 31 points will be able to successfully avoid relegation, but also can not rule out special circumstances. From the current view of the standings, 5 teams have not reached the safety line of 31 points, including Shandong Luneng, Tianjin TEDA, Hangzhou Greentown, Shijiazhuang Yongchang Yatai and Changchun. Two super relegation places are likely to arise from the 5 teams. Only from the integration point of view, Shijiazhuang and Yongchang Changchun Yatai is the most dangerous. The former than the top ranked third Hangzhou Greentown less than 5 points, while the latter is less than the Hangzhou Greentown points. In order to avoid relegation success, winning the last 4 rounds should be more than 50%, or want to avoid relegation is not reality. There are 2 Changchun Yatai home court and 2 away, home court against Beijing Guoan should strive for 3 points, even if you can not win, at least to get 1 points away to Liaoning Hongyun goal should be 3 points. If the two do not win, Changchun Yatai relegation hope very little. The road against Henan Jianye and home court against Shanghai Shenhua are more difficult to play, there may only get 2-3. If after 4 games to get 7 points and above, there is a certain Changchun Yatai relegation hope. Shijiazhuang Yongchang next home against Guangzhou evergrande. In order to advance the Guangzhou Hengda win, the game should not want Shijiazhuang onslaught, Yongchang wants to get home court. Three behind the opponent is Henan Jianye, Yanbian food and Guangzhou bodied, while in strength compared with the opponents have no advantage, but we should go all out, get 7-9. This, of course, of course.相关的主题文章: