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And a temperature difference! Pass this summer Milan gunmen digging jump red demon – Sports Sohu rejected the 18 year old Locatelli has secured the main position of Milan   Milan on the weekend of the League beat Juventus Serie A five explosion of a big upset, the Rossoneri midfielder Locatelli scored a world wave, become the biggest player in Milan to win, and the the teenager also attracted the whole world’s attention. According to well-known sports media "goal" news, Wenger once had the genius of this summer for young, but Milan has repeatedly rejected, of course, the price lower and Arsenal have a direct relationship. Locatelli in the new season has become an important member of Milan, played seven times in the new season before the ten round of the league, three games recently, Locatelli is won the first opportunity to have a good play, especially attracted a lot of media attention in the world of a wave into the battle of Juventus the game is. It is reported that, in the early summer, good at digging the demon star of A Senna at Locatelli, the team’s chief scout Neal Banfield in the last season, has repeatedly visited the Italy midfielder, and after Wenger’s consent, gunmen also offered Milan buy Terry Loka requirements, but was refused to direct Milan. Milan refused to sell their own may be related to Wenger and see the bid is too low, so the performance of the Locatelli, Wenger would have been green regret the intestines. Worth a mention is that Wenger is not the first time to miss the chance to sign a potential star, Wenger came to Arsenal once with Messi, C Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic have missed. (streamer fly)相关的主题文章: