Andouble worry TPP stagnation so that China alone to lobby Trump googims

Andouble about TPP China "stagnation make dominance" to lobby Trump original title: foreign media: Andouble about TPP China stagnation make the "big" Trump to lobby or objectionable Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo data figure Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Ping Photo Reference News Network reported on November 17th Japanese Prime Minister Beshin Mi 15 in the trans Pacific partnership agreement (TPP) pointed out that the special committee meeting, if the entry into force of the TPP did not progress, to create economic circle in the Asia Pacific region "will be the focus to East Asia regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP)". He pointed out that "RCEP is not the United States, the largest national product (GDP) will be China," expressed the importance of the idea of TPP. RCEP negotiations by Japan, China, South Korea and ASEAN and other 16 countries to participate in. Kyodo News Agency reported on November 15, Andouble for RCEP can be like TPP, as the limit of state-owned enterprises and the protection of intellectual property has been questioned, stressed the need to make TPP a demonstration". He also advocated: "to promote the purpose and significance of the world TPP, but also to the United States propaganda. To change the current trend of protectionism." TPP has Japan, the United States and Australia and other 12 countries to participate. The US President elect Trump said it would withdraw from the TPP, its effect becomes difficult. Japan is also in talks with China and South Korea to promote RCEP. Andouble said that when the 17 meeting with Trump, will talk about their own ideas on the importance of free trade". At the TPP summit to be held after the meeting, I hope to confirm the willingness to let the TPP effect, issued a message on the promotion of domestic procedures agreed". At the meeting of the special committee, the ruling party by the Liberal Democratic Party member Misaki Sato Masaku and others on the benefits of TPP and future trade strategy, etc.. "Japanese economic news" website reported on 14 November, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe tri through diplomatic means to break the exploration of the trans Pacific Economic Cooperation Agreement (TPP) dilemma method. In view of the increasing effectiveness of TPP’s view, Andouble intends to start in November 19th, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, efforts to maintain the attitude of each country. However, the key lies in the 17 APEC before the talks with the U.S. President Trump in the next round of talks to explore what intentions. "Will use every opportunity to promote the United States and other signatory countries to complete the formalities as soon as possible," Andouble at the November 11th Senate plenary session once again stressed the determination to achieve TPP. Andouble also said, can not passively wait for the attitude of the United States, but to enhance the opportunity to take effect as soon as possible under the leadership of japan". Reported that, for Andouble, TPP is the pillar of growth strategy. If it doesn’t work, the foundation of Andouble’s economics will collapse. So even if only a little bit of possibility will try to grasp. Therefore, it is important that Andouble held talks with in 17, New York. Because the leaders can not speculate that Trump’s attitude, so 17 trump will react to the pre Peng相关的主题文章: