Anhui revoked two 4A scenic warning 15 scenic spots-mia farrow

Anhui revoked the two 4A level scenic spots serious warning 15 scenic spots in the Xinhua News Agency Hefei October 7th news (reporter Zhang Ziyun) reporter from the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau, the province recently revoked fengle Changfeng County of Hefei City, Bengbu City, Bengbu ecological park scenic water gate two 4A level scenic spots; a serious warning 15 scenic spots, and rectification 3 months. It is understood that the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau recently launched a province wide 4A level scenic area service quality special rectification action, inspection found that the majority of the province’s 4A level scenic spots are able to keep in line with the tourism service of hardware and software of national standards and evaluation rules requirements, but there are a few scenic spots in 4A scenic spot sequence. To reduce the standard, to relax the requirements, poor management, resulting in the management level and service quality and ecological environment decreased, some management weakening, service degradation, aging facilities, environmental degradation and other serious problems, even in terms of tourism safety, environmental health, quality of service, market order, environmental protection and other serious problems or substandard. Bengbu City, Yingshang County, Fuyang City Zhang Gong Shan Scenic Area, scenic spot, Huainan city digou Jiaogang Lake Town scenic and other 15 scenic spots by a serious warning and rectification requirements.相关的主题文章: