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Internet-Marketing Those who are new to internet marketing oftentimes-wonder whether or not private label rights articles, or PLR articles, are really worth the minimal investment. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple question actually has a somewhat complex answer — an answer that we endeavor to answer for you today. To start, we’ll address the downside to purchasing, and using, PLR articles. The downsides of PLR content Many people, mainly internet marketers, build up private label articles as the greatest thing since sliced bread — which they very well can be in the right situations. That being said, there are less-than-positive aspects to the usage of PLR articles: * Many websites that offer PLR articles stipulate that the articles must be rewritten before usage * Some PLR websites will not allow you to claim copyright on the purchased content unless you rewrite them all but completely * PLR articles cannot be used for article marketing — this is a major ‘no no’ in the industry * If you’re not a decent writer, you may actually have to pay somebody to rewrite the private label articles for you * Some PLR articles are nothing more than ‘spun’ versions of previously offered private label rights articles, which generally leaves you with a less-than-excellent product to work with * If you fail to rewrite PLR content sufficiently, and you use it on your website, you may suffer from the all-too-real, though vastly misrepresented ‘duplicate content penalty’ Now, we do not want to discourage you from using private label articles in any capacity as there are certainly many benefits for these tools, but the above list represents just some of the many downsides that you may personally encounter. Benefits of private label articles Some of the hype surrounding PLR content is justified because of the numerous benefits that private label rights article offer — * Private label articles are cheap content — oftentimes you will find that you can purchase PLR articles for a few dollars to as low as a few cents each. * PLR articles allow you to become an expert, on any subject under the sun, as quickly as it takes to whip out your credit card and purchase a PLR article package * Private label rights articles are abundant — there is a continually-growing marketplace that offer all types of PLR content and products, though articles seem to be the most prevalent * PLR articles provide easy-to-rewrite content for non-writers — even if you are not a self-professed writer, it takes only a couple of minutes and very minimal skills to modify private label content to make it unique. In the end, it’s a personal choice as to whether PLR articles are worth the overall investment. However, because of their low-costs, widespread availability, and their ability to make you an industry-expert in seconds — we feel that PLR articles are worth their weight in gold. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: