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The armed police officer Liu Ying: married women refer to married women cadres accommodation – Sohu military channel map information: the armed police soldiers. The armed police force issued "on further measures to stimulate the vitality of the team Sergeant Sergeant" management and guarantee of treatment more scientific and standard newspaper in Beijing in September 22, "married lady officer Liu Ying married female cadres to refer to the implementation of accommodation……" The armed forces staff, political department, logistics department, Discipline Inspection Commission issued "on the day before further stimulate n.c.o activity measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), to the grassroots power decentralization, the management and treatment of security Sergeant more scientific norms, consolidate and improve the combat effectiveness of the armed forces. The armed forces on the basis of extensive research, to "NCO management regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations as the basis, to reflect the outstanding problems of grassroots deeply study. After the formation of the first draft measures, the two armed police forces to seek advice from the relevant departments and the army, repeatedly revised and improved to ensure the targeted, innovative and scientific organic unity. "Measures" a total of 12, the officer left the camp on vacation to visit relatives, family accommodation, temporary security, housing subsidies to the team, the health and medical services, the use of mobile phone network, convalescence, typical recognition of selection, in-service education, poverty relief subsidies, public affairs, condolences to sensitive dependents of employment and other aspects of the nursery school children perfect. "Measures" has three main aspects: one is in the current policy of the implementation of the system is not good, the research put forward more operational measures; two is beneficial practices and successful experiences to absorb forces in recent years in the practice of creation, feasible, for some really useful measures to regulate clearly; three is actively adapt to the new demands of the new features of n.c.o, perfect the relevant policies and regulations.相关的主题文章: