Arsenal Manchester King PK Chelsea’s exposure from Paris Kun rob

Arsenal Manchester king PK Chelsea’s exposure of poaching in Paris are divided between Kun and God really grab Aguero and Guardiola? Sina sports focus last week champions Barcelona battle, Guardiola boldly abandoned the Manchester team’s top players Aguero, for a time caused a great disturbance, between Guardiola and Aguero about the rumors from urban legends, and the British media said Guardiola that Aguero’s technical characteristics is not suitable for their own tactics, so I want to spend lots of money to hit the termon so he Yang de BAME, at halt between the club and Aguero’s contract. However, in the subsequent Premier League, against Southampton, Aguero returned to the starting line-up and played 90 minutes, which also blocked the mouth of the doubters. From Goal news, Wenger is also eyeing the city "unsatisfactory" God class forward Kun to dig to take this storm under the command of god. Spanish media "golden ball" revealed that, in addition to Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, big Paris and AC Milan are also eyeing the trend of the. (Alduin)相关的主题文章: