At the end of the summer issue almost complete failure is wrong (video)

"At the end of the summer issue" almost complete failure is wrong? [Abstract] at the end of the issue of how from a good thing? Will also be issued by security at the end the film market, their fate will be? At the end of the summer but is defeated after the release of cold? Tencent (easy to edit style entertainment Zhuangao North) September is approaching, also means that the summer is coming to the end of 2016. Around this past summer file, there are two main topics in the media. The first one on the box office. "Depression" and "cool" and "cold" similar words become the major media to Chinese film market when the mainstream of attributive. According to statistics, in July 2016, the country’s total box office total of 4 billion 510 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, in July this year, the box office fell by 18.2%, which is the first time since the summer stalls in the case of the decline since 2011. August box office also fell 20% over the same period last year. In this environment, second issues have also not too difficult to understand: "guaranteed issue all failed". This is some absolute, after all at the end of 1 billion at the box office of "Tomb notes" currently (as of August 30th) at the box office has reached 982 million, only one step away from the 1 billion mark. In the summer of this year, a total of 5 through the "guaranteed issue" of the film had been regarded as "ignite the market of seed, but it did. According to public information, the 5 film data are: lithography era "to guarantee the youth – so you’re still here" 400 million to 336 million at the box office; Lianrui pictures, and pictures, the United Beijing Huameng culture company "Jedi escape" alliance security at the end of 1 billion, the 886 million at the box office; Bona base "Fengshen legend" 1 billion 283 million, the box office film base "; sunny summer has trees, and hope to heaven" in 400 million, and is currently at the box office 150 million century queue base "Tomb notes" 1 billion, the box office is 982 million. "Put heart flower road greatly stimulated the successful case of" at the end of this new issue means "guaranteed issue" from "the name" put heart flower road success began to debate, to this year’s Lunar New Year stalls set box office records of the "Mermaid", has become the current topic in public opinion. Just a month later, with the "IP MAN 3" and it triggered by the financial storm, "guaranteed issue" as if you become a target for all unhealthy market. At the end of the summer of this year’s film "total failure" to this issue seems to be exacerbated by the negative impression. At the end of the issue of how from a good thing? In the near future, the market will also appear "I am not Pan Jinlian", "wolf 2" also through base films. And what will happen to them? 2016 domestic film base single summer issue issue guaranteed success of film full replay: box office frustrated not all first, if you are still not very clear "guaranteed issue" is what meaning, take a look at some popular issue: base in today’s industry context, basically equivalent to the box office at the end". In other words, the issue of a film for the film was not released by the office of the box office estimates, and negotiate with the producers to reach a!相关的主题文章: