Autumn and winter essential! Yang Mi with long aura Knee Boots

Autumn and winter essential! Yang Mi with knee boots long aura Intro: on November 9th, Yang Mi appeared dressed in red airport, large red tide tide padded jacket collocation Knee Boots full range of children, recently Yang Mi airport street beat Knee Boots appearance rate high, even the temperature dropped, the large power power to show Bai Ximei’s leg. Yang Mi     Yang Mi the big red loose coat jacket, fashion edition, with large red lips, sunglasses and hats, let Yang Mi look beautiful youth, especially Black Knee Boots, instant leg length of two meters of wood, Yang Mi also recently really loved knee boots. Yang Mi     this set of costumes appeared at the airport, one hundred percent absolute rate of return ah, dressed in beautiful and beautiful, this year, the streets of the city of Yang Mi, not too much to shoot pictures of the tide ah, ah. Yang Mi   Yang Mi   the dark grey hair dress, also become explosive, wearing black belt to outline the graceful posture, very thin, collocation Blue Corduroy knee boots, shoes really eye-catching. Yang Mi     big power more and more like show legs, the street shot is often under the clothes missing, good envy has a pair of beautiful legs ah. Yang Mi long dark grey sweater coat in a black lace shirt, sexy woman, wearing a belt highlights the tall, Black Knee Boots collocation, with half white legs, sexy. Yang Mi     Yang Mi believes that many girls love dressing style, the large power power is more and more wear, Gesanchaiwu airport street style on the bright spots. Yang Mi     long sleeved plaid shirt collocation denim shorts, a pair of Knee Boots just wrapped legs. Yang Mi shirt hem design is very personality, wear is very eye-catching, collocation of white jacket, so fancy shape, let Yang Mi instantly become tide sister. Yang Mi     in a denim jacket cartoon T-shirt, wearing black leather shorts, a pair of knee high boots fix fashion styling. Yang Mi Yang Mi dressed more and more girls, do not see is the mother, with a ball head, playful T-shirts, pill shape bag, tide full range of children. Yang Mi former airport Street Photos, and knee boots collocation, but at that time Yang Mi also very focused on warm, black coat in a plush black sweater, wearing tight trousers and knee boots, winter wear very practical. Yang Mi Yang Mi recently attended the event and other boots, black leather coat collocation leather bag hip skirt, socks and boots in the match, let other looks neat and handsome.  相关的主题文章: